Midway Archipelago

Even if the nuclear power submarine aircraft carrier “Virginia” is placed on standby, Tatsuya did not sortie for a while.

This is a planned action.

Tatsuya departs at 7:30 pm on July 22nd, local time.

The aircar that Tatsuya piloted soar to the sky immediately after sunset.

Midway Island is not a single island, but an atoll formed from Sand Island, Eastern Island, and several small islands. It might be more accurate to call it Midway Archipelago.

The Midway Prison is a large-scale facility that uses almost half of among this Eastern Sand Island.

Tatsuya caught the site of the facility with his naked eye, just after his launch.

There is no anti-aircraft fire.

(The stealth system seems to be performing as it’s designed)

The new model aircar biggest improvement is this stealth function.

By saving the magic sequence of cognitive inhibition ・detection interference to the artificial relic used in the stellar furnace, it deploys advanced stealth magic around the car frame and its surroundings without depending on the driver’s magic ability.

Currently, the maximum duration it can hold out is half a day.

When the cumulative operating time reaches 12 hours, 12 hours of cool-down are required before reuse, but the time limit will reset if an interval of 12 hours or more is set before the operating limit time is reached.

Its performance is sufficient for the mission this time.

Tatsuya landed the aircar on the northwest coast of Sand Island.

From there, he heads to the prison facility with the flight-armored suit called “Freed Suit”.

Freed Suit also has high stealth performance, but not as much as the new model aircar that uses artificial relics.

A loud alarm echoes after he tried to cross the high fence surrounding the prison site.

The gun turret installed on the prison roof rotated.

Tatsuya heard from Mitsuya-kei that the only weapons installed at the Midway Prison are Fleming Launcher and Interpersonal Firearms.

But right now the gun muzzle is rotating to aim at Tatsuya …

(Pulse Laser Cannon!)

It doesn’t fall within the interpersonal category, it’s an antiaircraft laser cannon.

There was no room to think about whether he’s been deceived.

Magic was invoked at the same time when he recognizes its true form.

Just before the pulse laser cannon aim is fixed at Tatsuya, the gun turret lost its silhouette together with electric illumination where it was broken and scattered.

Tatsuya’s decomposition magic “Mist Dispersion” decompose the pulse laser cannon gun barrel and its pedestal to the chemical element level.

Electric illumination, the electric current supplied for the laser emission lost its place to go, and inside the metallic element of gas has gone wild in a disorderly manner.

(That was dangerous…..)

The bulletproof function of the Freed Suit is only for mass bullets and it does not have heat resistance to withstand high energy lasers.

Depending on the aiming speed and rapid-fire of the laser cannon, there was also a risk of falling into an infinite loop where the body was shot out at the same time as “Regrowth”.

The infinite loop of being hit and self-repair is the most alarming situation for Tatsuya who could have done it without any physical wound. (!!!)


If he continuously uses “Regrowth”, the magic calculation area will eventually be unable to withstand the continuous activation and cause it to overheat.

Or rather, “Regrowth” fails to invoke.

Even if it does happen about dozens of times, but there is a high possibility that it will happen if it happens hundreds of times in a short time.

It was one of the few strategies for breaking Tatsuya’s immortality.

The sense of crisis sharpens Tatsuya’s perception even more.

Information on all anti-aircraft and anti-personnel weapons placed on the rooftop, walls, and the vast site was instantly and simultaneously displayed in his “visual field”.

(Invoke “Mist Dispersion”)

The “Mist Dispersion” just now is reflecting his power invocation.

This time, borrowing the help of CAD built-in the suit, he will “decompose” twelve guns platform emplacement at the same time.

These included anti-aircraft turrets that had been in a blind spot from Tatsuya’s current position, and automatic turrets that had been stored underground.

Intercepting weapons installed in the Midway Prison, including the anti-surface warfare Fleming Launcher, disappeared without a trace after using five consecutive decomposition magic.

Above the Midway Prison where intercepting weapons were lost, Tatsuya searched for the building where Canopus was imprisoned with his “eye”.

Benjamin Canopus’s information was obtained in February of this year when he was interrupted in capturing Jiedo Heigu.

As expected, it is impossible to find the location of the other party who he only came in contact once, half-way across the Pacific Ocean.

But, It was not difficult for Tatsuya to find him out if If he knew he is in this site of the island.

Roughly within one kilometer on the surrounding site, there are ten sturdy buildings which can be seen at a glance because of the low-rise view.

(The prison is one among these five large building. One is a management office, two are residences for staff and soldiers, one is an armory, and one is a training facility. Could be either of them.)

The information about the other party that he wanted, which is Canopus, was found at the center of the site.

Located in a room on the south end of the third floor on a three-story building.

Furthermore, Tatsuya inspected the information inside the building.

There are ten armed soldiers separated in a place of short distance away from Canopus.

This would be the prison guard.

It is not known if they gathered to guard Canopus or stopping him from jailbreaking.

Canopus was the sole prisoner on the same floor.

Eight people are imprisoned on the second and third floors.

Of course, all of them is a man and a magician.


(It’s kind of obvious but, is my invasion known? They will be on their guard if I came from the roof right)

There will also be an attack from the first floor by the back.

But for now, time is precious.

This is not the only place that he has his mission on.

Rather, the crucial moment is at Pearl and Hermes base.

Tatsuya decided to attack from the top as the guards expected.

The gunpoint is directed to Tatsuya who got down and stand on the rooftop.

Is the short barrel PDW? (Personal Defense Weapon)

As a soldier guarding the building, it is an obvious choice to give priority to handling/maneuverability over might/power.

However, there is no point if you are dealing with an opponent such as Tatsuya, even if the power is a little bit high.

Faster than the bullets could be fired, the guns themselves fell apart and scattered on the roof floor.

The two soldiers stiffened at this unexpected situation but immediately reached their hand to the hip holster.

However, even faster than them, Tatsuya pulled the handgun-shaped CAD from his waist and aimed at the soldier.

Silver Horn Custom “Trident”.

As soon as Tatsuya pulls the trigger, a hole opens at the joint of both their hands and feet.

The soldiers mutter their scream, facing upward, lying face downward, and fall in different directions.

He used “Trident” instead of the built-in suite CAD because he was conscious/wary of surveillance cameras.

The wounds that neutralize the soldiers look like traces of invisible bullets passing through.

To make the impression that the magic of the black intruder who conceals his face is easily relatable with the image of an “invisible bullet”, Tatsuya used a handgun-shaped CAD.

A handgun is picked up from the soldier who lost his consciousness, and Tatsuya goes through the door of the stairwell which leads to the indoor.

There was no ambush on the way down from the roof to the third floor.

Shortly after stepping down from the rooftop to the first floor, Tatsuya crouched down and put his left hand in front of his face accordance to his perception of 5 senses, a crisis which is perceived by instinct──not “elemental eye”.

The force field of phenomenon modification expanded out in his palm decompose the bullets that flew from the front wall.

If you look at it from a surface phenomenon, it’s a ricocheting, but there was no sound that the bullet rebounded back.

However, Tatsuya did not learn by heart to be surprised nor dubious. (!!!)


At the same time he decomposes the bullet, he read and understand the nature of the enemy magic.

The bullet was covered with a reflective force field that was the same size as a bullet.

It’s a magic that reacts only to a particular substance and gives the property of repelling like a rubber ball.

The configured reaction conditions are plasterboard used for walls and ceilings.

The bullet bounces with a sharp sound just right next to Tatsuya who lowered himself to one knee.

Without putting any gaps, this time it landed one step below where he was.

It seems that the aim relies on chance to some extent.

Does this mean that the first shot a fluke?

The fourth bullet did not leap out.

Tatsuya didn’t let him shoot.

A surprise voice can be heard downstairs, and PDW parts are scattered on the floor.

Needless to say.

It was Tatsuya handiwork.

Tatsuya, who confirmed with his ear that the enemy is temporarily incapacitated, he ran down the stairs all at once.

The enemy soldiers are already holding a handgun.

It may be natural for a soldier not to stand still and remain dumbfounded, but this certainly shows that he is certainly well trained.

Nevertheless, he still has yet to reach the aiming phase.

Tatsuya pulls the “Trident” trigger.

A hole opened in the hands and feet of the three men at the front row who were trying to hold a handgun.

A wound that cuts off a nerve can be recovered with modern medicine, but it needs to be treated in a hospital, and first aid treatment cannot make the hand and feet move.

Even before that, it is not possible to maintain conscious due to the severe pain where the nerve is decomposed.

Even if you manage to avoid fainting, you won’t be able to maintain in thinking very clearly.

Regardless of a colleague who lost their fighting power, two soldiers in the second row pointed a cylinder that looks like a large size flashlight to Tatsuya.

Tatsuya recognized the exposure of Psion wave that was directed at him.

(Psion wave noise that obstructs in the reading of activation sequence output from CAD)

Not solely by feeling it, he understood what it was.

(Anti-magician equipment that mimics the properties of Antinite. However, the performance itself is lower than Antinite.)

Tatsuya invokes decomposition magic without using CAD, and erase out the Psion noise.

Almost at no time at all, he pulls the Trident trigger.

Not only the two people who pour Tatsuya with Psion wave using the anti-magic equipment ・cast jam but also the remaining three guards spurt out blood from their hand and feet.

There was no one else standing in front of Tatsuya.

Just to make sure, he scans the entire body of all guards with his “eye” and disables all their small firearms and bombs with decomposition magic.

Then Tatsuya tore off the room lock where Canopus is imprisoned with magic.

Right arm Trident is stored back at the holster.

In his left hand, he still has the stolen handgun.

Tatsuya did not enter the room, he just opens the outer door with his hand.

Just like that, 10-second pass by.

From the corner of the room, which had become a blind spot from the entrance, a tall figure walked out and faces Tatsuya.

The beard is shaved completely, and the chestnut color hair is neatly combed.

Inside the Hazel pupil, there was no sign of exhaustion.

The word prisoner where it’s reminded with ‘shabby’ is non-existent.

“Major Benjamin Canopus correct?”

The person in question understood.

This is like a chance to start up a conversation.

“Correct. You are?”

“I receive a request from Senator Wyatt Curtis.”

“From Grand?”

Tatsuya was confused by Canopus word for a moment because he could not understand it’s meaning, but he decided to interpret it as “Grand Uncle”.

──Perhaps it is an honorary title used within the family, but it was enough for Tatsuya to point it to Wyatt Curtis.

“I’m told to hold on to this”

Tatsuya present Canopus with the ring he had to hold on to through Captain Virginia.

Canopus stared at the emblem finely engraved on the stand ring for a few seconds and put it on his left pinky finger.

“Certainly this is…”

Canopus gave a tiny nod.

The ring seemed to be enough proof of being a messenger.

“The request that I receive is to jailbreak you out of here”


Canopus didn’t ask about Tatsuya’s identity and motive.

It seems Wyatt Curtis’s instructions to Canopus cannot be defied, was what Tatsuya thought.


“If it’s all the same to you, could we bring along my captured subordinate together with me?”

In return for not refusing, is not something that he means to say, but Canopus speak out and stop his leg.

“Roger that. Do you know the place where they are imprisoned in?”

“I do. I’ll guide you”

“Please do. Take this”

Nodding to Canopus’s offer, Tatsuya gives him a handgun that he picked up on the roof.

“……Are you sure?”

“It can’t replace an armed device, but just in case, it’s for self-protection”

Canopus favorite armed devices are those that combine Japanese sword-type with a CAD.

He lightly knitted his eyebrows on Tatsuya’s words. Perhaps because he was wary that his fighting style got known.

“This helps”

However, responding to words from his mouth, Canopus headed to the stairs.

Canopus and Tatsuya headed to a separate prison building around two hundred meters away.

No attack was received on the way.

Canopus face looked surprised when he saw the pinpointed automatic gun emplacement being destroyed, but it was not visible to Tatsuya who followed from behind.

The size of the building is almost the same as the one where Canopus was imprisoned, but the number of rooms is numerous.

The building where Canopus was taken prisoner is for official use of high-class officer, and this one seems to be for a prisoner of a lower grade.

There is a trend where sometime Canopus movement is looking around between proceeding to the corridor and climbing up the stairs.

He stopped in front of the middle door on the second floor.

“Right here”

Silently nodding to Canopus word, Tatsuya pulls out a knuckle guard and a battle knife.

In the middle of swinging down, a force field of decomposition magic is formed on the blade edge.

The knife cut the door lock without any resistance.

“Molecule Divider? No…..”

Not responding to Canopus muttering, Tatsuya opens the door which has a strong image of a guardhouse rather than a prison.

Canopus carefully enter the room next to Tatsuya who is holding out the door.



However, Canopus tension loosened after hearing the voice from the back of the room.

A slender young man with red hair walks up quickly to him.

It is the figure of Ralph Algol, who reports directly to the first commander of the Stars, Canopus.

Canopus also slowly approaches the young man.

Just before taking another step, Canopus stop his feet and put out his right hand forward for a handshake.

However, the young man suddenly stamps his feet on the floor and slips through Canopus side.

With a knife in his hand, he tries to attack Tatsuya.

However, just shortly after he started rushing in, this young man form called Ralph Algol was exposed to a violent stream of Psion.

The young man appearance change.

The red hair and slender body are just as it was before, but it was another person’s face.

“Gram Demolition?”

Canopus’s voice was muttering this out loud.


The effect of the demolition sequence that Tatsuya fired didn’t just stop at removing the disguise magic of a middle-aged man who couldn’t be called a youth man now.

The manner of walking and posture of this man has become unsteady.

To the man who had lost his body function by being bathed in psion’s torrent, Tatsuya stuck out his right hand with a knife.

It’s the knuckle guard titanium alloy rather than the blade special steel that gouge out the man’s belly.

Taking a blow to the solar plexus, the man eye becomes white and crumble down to the floor.

“This guy, he’s a member of ‘Coalsack’….”

Canopus turn over the body and looks down on the man’s face, having a wry face by telling his identity.

The voice reached Tatsuya, but he didn’t ask Canops to further explain about Coalsack.

The situation did not allow it.

A fist-sized object is thrown from the door that has been left wide open.

“A hand-grenade!?”

Canopus scream match with Tatsuya’s knowledge.

Canopus knock down the table and lie down on the other side.

Tatsuya threw back the hand-grenade by magic.

It is in such situation where the magic invoked in the artificial magic calculation area + flash cast compensates for the lack of power and demonstrate sufficient activation speed.


But the enemy was also stubborn.

The hand-grenade thrown back by Tatsuya rebounds back at the entrance and return to the room.

The door is not closed.

There was a barrier spread out along the entrance

Tatsuya activates flight magic.

The explosive power relies on inverse proportion of a cube distance. (!!!)


The purpose of lying down on the floor is to avoid any direct hits of a scattered object, but if you think from the point of view about the distance from the explosion point, it is much further to stick on to the ceiling rather than to lie down on the floor based on the hand-grenade distance lying on the floor.

Moreover, flight magic has a fix sequence where it includes an air cocoon surrounding the body to reduce the resistance during flying.

The air cocoon is strong enough to withstand relative headwinds of several hundred kilometers.

If it is about the size of a small bomb, it can be expected to be effective like a shield.

However, Tatsuya’s cleverness was not very useful in this case.

The hand-grenade burst explode.

The blast was not that big of a deal.

It was not fragment that scattered vigorously, it was a cloud of black smoke.

(Smokescreen grenade)

Tatsuya cut off the flight magic and jumped down to the floor.

If the enemy aims to block your line of sight, the state of sticking on the ceiling is a good target.

The smoke analysis results are displayed on the helmet visor.


──No paralysis component──

──No tear-inducing component──

─ some damage to the respiratory organ and cornea──

(In other words, it’s simply a smokescreen that robs the view?)

Tatsuya noticed the disappearance of the shield that had blocked the entrance.

The visual field reflected on the helmet visor automatically switches to infrared mode.

Nevertheless, no human figure invades the room.

However, Tatsuya’s “eye” captured the “form” of a man rushing without sound.

Reconstructed back from the information data, the figure wears a stealth suit that matches with infrared emission to the outside temperature and uses ultrasound to secure visibility.

He is not wearing ultrasound visualization goggles, so it’s probably this guy special skill.

In the end, it’s a ‘batman’ is it?

Anyway, if you point the blade, then I’ll just have to counterattack.

Tatsuya repels the enemy blade with the knuckle guard on his right hand and grabs the opponent’s forehead with his left hand.

In that current state, he invokes oscillation magic.

An oscillation wave is sent from the left palm.

It is an oscillation wave created by an artificial magic calculation area that cannot deliver high power.

It won’t become a fatal wound.

However, it was strong enough to cause a concussion.

The ‘batman’ collapses from his knee.

The way he falls was strange, but even if he bangs his head, Tatsuya could not care less.

In the first place, he doesn’t have time to spare.

The next enemy is approaching from the other side of the fallen man.

It wasn’t just one or two people.

8 people in total

(Is this my limit)

Tatsuya has fought so far without killing the guards.

He was requested to jailbreak Canopus and obliterated the parasites.

Killing non-parasite American soldiers are not included.

He didn’t remember killing is to be avoided, but Tatsuya does not like to produce any kind of grudge that isn’t necessary.

But it didn’t take precedence over accomplishing his mission.

Cannonballs are thrown into from outside.

That iron ball used for athletics attacked Tatsuya not by a curve but in a straight line.

Around 200 km/h. There is no indication magic is behind it.

It seems to have been accelerated by magic only at the time of injection.

A card with curve trajectory approaches.

At first glance, it’s just simply made of plastic, but the sharp edges are coated with high-strength resin.

There is no magic at work on this side too.


It is likely to have started shooting it by adjusting the speed, angle, and the rotation speed of the card by magic so that the trajectory which curves applied to the card intersects the target.

Both attacks have been designed to avoid magical detection.

Tatsuya “decompose” the ball, card, and shot the hearts of all eight assailants.

He throws the knife down to the murderous intent that moved under his feet.

Despite having a concussion, ‘batman’ was trying to release a spring-like dart to Tatsuya, where he finally stopped breathing due to his throat is pierced through.

There is no movement from the red-haired man who was defeated first.

Somehow or the other, the battle seems to have settled down.

Tatsuya discharged the smokescreen hovering in the room into the hallway by raising the light airflow.

“Coalsack is annihilated without being able to attack normally……”

Canopus that stood up on the other side of the thrown down table mutter in a tone that could not hide his surprise.

“Is Coalsack the name of the team?”

Driven by his doubt, Tatsuya asks Canopus.

“That’s right. Illegal MAP – Coalsack Squad. It’s one of the best illegal assassination units in the States but….”

Canopus was not praising, but facing Tatsuya with eyes of a person being on guard.

“Assassins are a threat only by their surprise attack, right?”

Not being afraid of assassins who attack from the front is what Tatsuya says, but this is neither humble nor proud. It was a line that is close to keeping up mutual conversations.

“More importantly, is Coalsack squad consist of a total of ten people?”

This is all that Tatsuya wanted to inquire.

In other words, he was wondering if there were any enemies left.

“Y, Yes, Illegal MAP has another squad called “Cone Nebula “, which is apprehended here and specializes in honey traps. They won’t come out at this kind of situation.”

“Roger that”

Tatsuya scans the room using ‘Elemental Sight’.

It was to confirm the existence of any traps or ambush, but he found something else.

“Major. There is someone is tied under the bed. Isn’t he’s your comrade?”

Canopus hurriedly goes to the bed and looks under it.


A red-haired youth named Ralph Algol was pulled out. There was a smell of medicine and no sign of him waking up when being shaken.

When Canopus unfasten Algol’s ban, Canopus holds both Algol’s leg with his left arm, put Algol’s upper body is on his back, and carried Algol on his left shoulder.

“There seems to be no harm to life, isn’t it best to leave him? “

“No, I’m taking him”

Canopus didn’t lend an ear to Tatsuya’s advice.

As for Tatsuya, he goes no further than “I’m just saying”.

He did not try to persuade Canopus.

“Your subordinate that you wanted to bring along is only one person?”

Instead, Tatsuya asked.

“Sorry. There is one more person”

“Understood. Let’s hurry”

Canopus nodded to Tatsuya’s words and started running while carrying Algol.

From the building where only women were accommodating, there was no particular resistance and Lieutenant Ariana Lee Shaula was freed.

Unlike Lieutenant Algol, Lieutenant Shaula was not restrained nor being put to sleep.

On the contrary, Tatsuya suspects this is a trap.

However, trap or no trap, what he will do is still the same.


“Let’s steal a car. Any ideas?”

There is a little bit of distance to the place where the aircar is parked.

Although it’s not like it can’t fly carrying three people, however, the mobility will greatly decline.

Algol has yet to regain consciousness and it’s unclear how much Canopus and Shaula can protect themselves from any shooting without CAD.

He wanted to avoid escaping with the flight function on the Freed Suit if possible.

“There is a general-purpose vehicle in front of the armory.”

It was Shaula who answered Tatsuya’s question.

“I’ve seen it from my solitary cell. This way”

Anticipating the answer to the question “how did you know”, Shaula leads the way.

“Wait. Instruct from behind”

But Tatsuya calls her to halt and pass her rear.

Shaula face shows confusion.

She didn’t understand the meaning of exposing one’s back to their first meeting.

She asks Canopus with her eyes “what’s the meaning of this?”

But Canopus just shakes his head and doesn’t answer.

Canopus is aware of Tatsuya’s true identity.

Tatsuya’s information was carved to his memory as a first-class target to watch out.

So, more than Shaula, he could not understand the lack of caution that Tatsuya just showed.

If that’s the case, it’s simply saying Tatsuya can “‘see’ at the back too.

There is a guard in front of the armory.

Approximately 50 people.

It is equivalent to one platoon.

Usually too much for security.

Probably lie in waiting for Tatsuya and the others.

‘Seeing’ the area, there was a mix in of very powerful magicians.

The building blocks the line of physical sight to go through.

However, not only Tatsuya but the other party also seems to have noticed.

The soldiers of one platoon point the muzzle forward all at once.

Weapons that were in position is arms devices.

The startup sequence deployed is the movement-type magic “Bend Trajectories”.

Only bending the trajectory of a flying object once, or known as bending magic.

Its main use is to shoot enemies hidden behind shields.

Tatsuya draws out ‘Trident’ and pulls the trigger.

Tatsuya’s magic was invoked at the same time the bullet is fired from the guard armed device.

The guard’s bullet went straight without bending.

This is the result of Tatsuya’s firing ‘Gram Dispersion’ targeting the magic sequence of ‘Bend Trajectories’ activated within an area of 100 meters ahead of him.

Due to the nature of the armed device, there is no full-auto shooting.

No matter how much CAD is automated, the magician processor utilization cannot keep up.

All bullets fired in a three-point burst goes straight, that is, disappear in the direction of the day after tomorrow, and the guards try to launch the activation sequence again.

<TN: 明後日の方向, if you read it, it’s just as it said. “Direction of the day after tomorrow”. Quite hard to hear it in Japanese conversation. However, I believe its a Japanese saying that the direction that we like was misplaced or misrepresentated>

However, Tatsuya’s magic was invoked before that.

With a slight time lag, around half of 50 soldiers gush out blood from the joint of their right leg.

At the next moment, the blood flows out from the joint of the left leg falls to the ground simultaneously in the same way as before.

Additionally, a narrow hole was drilled at the joint of both arms, and the guard of one platoon completely lost its ability to act.

Just now, Tatsuya decision to stop going easy was the result of reconsidering that eradicating one platoon would still pull a tail.

<TN: Pull a tail: I think its either: /leave ill will/leave a conflict.>

If the opponent is a magician, there is a fear of counterattack even if their hands and legs do not move.

However, Tatsuya changes his attitude and will think about it when that time comes.

For caution sake, it’s not changing the attitude that I will do it, it’s more to “It’s okay if I kill them at that time”.

To confirm the guards have been neutralized, for the time being, Tatsuya rushes out from the shadow of the building.

Canopus and Shaula follow behind him with a stiff facial expression.

To both of these elite people from stars, Tatsuya fighting power is unsystematic.

Shaula mutters “Javelin… Molecule Divider?”, because Tatsuya’s partial decomposition magic was mistaken for “Molecular Divider Javelin” used by Lieutenant Stars of 4th unit, Zoe Spica.

The results are certainly similar.

Under the sky where the afterglow of the western sky is becoming dim and being ruled by darkness, the four people including Tatsuya rushed to the general-purpose automobile.

Canopus is in the driver’s seat.

Behind him is Shaula and Algol, who has yet to awake.

Tatsuya retrieved some weapons from nearby soldiers and stood beside the assistant driver seat.

As Canopus turned his puzzled line of sight to urge in riding, Tatsuya pointed the CAD ‘Trident’ to the armory.

(──Confirm unmanned)

No one is inside.

(──Obtain target material information)

In the case of decomposing small firearms and combat vehicles into parts, it is necessary to obtain the mechanical framework of the target object as information.

The volume of information abnormally expands as the object becomes more complex and larger.

In the case of ‘Regrowth’, both the structure of the object and the composition information of the material are indispensable.

However, in the case of ‘Mist Dispersion’, which decomposes the object to the element level, it can be processed only with the composition information of the material.

The size nor mechanical complexity of the object is unrelated.

In the case of “decomposing” a large-scale object, it is less burdensome for Tatsuya to “decompose” to the chemical element level rather than “decomposing” into parts.

Tatsuya target all weapon that was stored and the armory, where he invokes ‘Mist Dispersion’

The silhouette of the building without a three-story window is blurred, and the next moment, it disappears like an illusion.

Dust dances at the armory site.

Shaula hastily shut the car window as the dust rushes in.

Tatsuya quickly got into the assistant driver seat and voice out “Let’s get out of here” to Canopus, who opened his eyes and speechless.

In front of the gates connecting the inside and outside of the prison site, there were as many guards as there were stationed in front of the armory.

However, Tatsuya’s response was different from just now.

What Tatsuya deliberately took out was a hand-grenade taken from a guard in front of the armory.


Ignoring the flustered Canopus, Tatsuya opens the window and extract out the hand hand-grenade pin.

The handling of this type of weapon is almost the same as a hundred years ago.

Hand-grenades toss out with his right hand are magically accelerated and flown into a line of guards.

The enemy’s magician tries to interfere with the grenade’s trajectory, but without no action, Tatsuya ‘decompose’ the magic sequence of “vector reversal” which captures the hand-grenade.

As a general rule in handling magic, it is said that you shouldn’t use multiple magics simultaneously on the same object or phenomenon.

If you violate this principle, in many cases, the necessary phenomenon interference power increases, causing an extra burden on the magician and result in only one type of magic that succeeds.

A result even worse than that, it is to no small degree for all attempted magic ends with a failure.

This principle is strictly abided in a well-trained battlegroup like the regular army.

Even in this case, there is only one magician make a move to stop the grenade from reaching.

That magic is nullified.

Feeling shaken by this unexpected development, the guards tried to repel the grenade with the same magic again.

The first time, it was the limit to follow. (!!!)


<TN: Not sure what this means?>

Even the second “vector reversal” was nullified by Tatsuya, and the hand-grenade approached above the guard’s head.

Moreover, that was not the only one.

Tatsuya took four hand-grenades in front of the armory.

He was tossing it out one after another to the soldier who was determined to make a horizontal line in front of the gate and prevent Tatsuya and the others from escaping by car.

The grenade exploded in succession at the guard’s line, three meters above the sky.

Sharp fragment vigorously poured over the soldier’s heads.

The guard put one arm over his head and crouched down to protect himself from the fragment.

The soldier’s line of sight misses the car where Tatsuya and the others were boarding on.

When they raised their faces to the sound of a loud horn, a small but sturdy general-purpose automobile was approaching.

The guard who had formed a line formation reflexively runs away from the automobile path.

About a quarter of the guards form a horizontal line gathered in front of the gate.

Three over four of the remaining soldiers are pouring down bullets on the automobile.

Although the car that Tatsuya stole is a general-purpose car, it is still a military vehicle equipped with armor.

Around 10% of the bullets hit the mark.

The guard’s shooting is not able to give any damage that would hinder a wheel car driving.

The automobile that Canopus drives passes through the gate where Tatsuya has erased the iron door thus escaping the prison site.

After escaping the Midway Prison site, no vehicles or helicopters were chasing after them.

America military turning a blind eye to intruders and fugitive is unthinkable, perhaps they are in the middle of reorganizing.


Tatsuya instructs Canopus to stop the automobile when the aircar was visible.

He got into the aircar’s driver’s seat, shriek to Canopus and Shaula with the door open.

“Get in”

Both of them didn’t complain and bewildered.

Canopus drags Algol from the rear seat, carry him on his shoulder, and rush over to the aircar.

Shaula gets into the back seat of the aircar and helps the unconscious Algol ride from the inside.

“It’s okay if you don’t close the door”

Nodding to Tatsuya’s attention/advice, Canopus walked around the SUV-like body and sat in the assistant driver seat.

Tatsuya’s handling closes all four doors simultaneously.

“What is this? An amphibious vehicle?”

The window was fix fitted as if it was a normal self-propelled car, and Canopus instinctively asked as he looked around the car, where there was an unidentified machine installed in the trunk space.


While answering him, Tatsuya invokes flight magic.

“Its a dual-use of land and air.”

Canopus swallow his breath, and Shaula gave a small scream.

With that as BGM, Tatsuya abruptly launches the aircar.

Credit goes to: Freakazone


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