tsuya’s convo with Aoba and Yakumo

Tatsuya’s convo with Aoba and Yakumo

July 18, 20:55

Leaving Miyuki’s protection to Lina at home, Tatsuya headed to Kyuuchou temple alone. It’s not a sudden visit. He called at 10:00 morning to ask Yakumo to act as a middleman to meet Todou Aoba. It’s just only a week after the both of them fought seriously, but Tatsuya just acted as usual as if nothing happened before. Afternoon, Tatsuya got a call from Yakumo to visit temple at 21:00. He waited for five minutes inside a room after being guided by a disciple. At exactly 21:00, Yakumo brought Todou Aoba and he sat in the honorary-seat of the room. «I am really sorry to have you come over today.» «Enough of the pleasantries. Yotsuba Tatsuya, raise your face.» Tatsuya just obediently looked up. Even though it’s in the middle of summer, Todou is wearing a high-class suit same as before when he met Tatsuya. «Today you mentioned that you have something to request, no need to be reserved, let me hear it.» «With your permission, I’ll continue. This is not related to the duty of being a deterrent that Your Excellency gave me before, but could Your Excellency arrange it so I can give up my position as Special Lieutenant in 101 Battalion legally.» Tatsuya said that without reservation, saying his request directly. Todou didn’t become angry, he distorted his lip and looked amused. «I thought it would be about Wyatt Curtis’s request.» «That case should be better discussed with our family Head.»»Hm…» Todou kept looking to Tatsuya pleasantly. «I have discussed it indeed. About the collaboration with Asha Chandrasekar too. «You are well informed.» Despite Todou’s provocation, Tatsuya nonchalantly let it slide. «I accept.» Todou too, didn’t think Tatsuya’s attitude is a problem. «If thou cannot use thy power freely, it’s a loss for national defense.» Todou nodded and crossed his arms. «I can make it so that you won’t be legally blamed.» «May I request that of you?» «I understand.» Tatsuya prostrated and lowered his head to the tatami floor. «But does thou have discord with Saeki?» As he kept looking down at Tatsuya’s back, and asked that with ridicule. «Her Excellency Saeki doesn’t like the fact that I’m hiding Angelina Kudou Shields at my house.» Tatsuya answered as he raised his face. «It’s not your family that’s hiding Angie Sirius, it’s you, right.» «I am.»Tatsuya didn’t use a rigid way to refer himself such as «this one» [自分] and used a formal first person «I» [私] when answered that. «I believe she won’t be Angie Sirius anymore.» «Ho.» «Hee.» Not only Todou, but Yakumo, who has been silent since the beginning, reacted too. «You aren’t wishing it, but thinking it…?» «Yes. My wish is irrelevant, it will become like that.» «Haha. If it’s really like that, that will be nice.» Yakumo is still laughing but Todou already regained a serious expression. «Saeki still has lingering emotional feelings over the deceased Kudou. So it affects her.» Tatsuya showed an unexpected surprise. He only thought that Saeki was thinking about loss’s and gains, but apparently, it’s not that shallow. «But to have thy and Saeki’s connection severed, it will be better for this country. Thy power isn’t something that a military officer can directly authorize. Tatsuya at this instance didn’t know how to reply and only lightly lowered his head. «I understand your situation.» As for Todou, Tatsuya’s gesture wasn’t a problem. «As you requested before, leave the military formalities to me. If thou judges it to be necessary, use any means that thee feels necessary to protect this country.»»Once more, I understand.» Tatsuya prostrated again. «You can accept Wyatt Curtis’s request. Even though you are known to politician and bureaucrat, but by helping Benjamin Loew’s prison break, it’s good chance to show your power. However, don’t obliterate Midway Prison. Over medication is as good as poison.» «Understood.» Apparently Todou wanted a deterrent for USNA military action. Very likely he didn’t like the USNA attack on Miyakijima. Tatsuya answered that while he still prostrating low. «The case for rescuing Sakurai Minami too, as long USNA doesn’t suffer great loss, you can do that too. Obliterating Pearl and Hermes base will be too much, but a carrier ship will be enough.» «I understand well to operate as quietly as possible.» Tatsuya raising his body while answering as such. Todou without being roundabout, added a condition. «Don’t bring back Kudou Minoru.» «Is it fine to leave him alone?» Todou and his compatriots seemed to have an allergy-like tendency to avoid inhumane entities, Tatsuya heard it from Yakumo that night. When he heard the condition, at first he thought he would have to annihilate the parasites too.»No need. What happens in America shall be handled by Americans.» «Understood.» — In other word, for Todou, as long the magical demonic thing is out of Japan, it’s good enough. Tatsuya once again understood it. Tatsuya felt it’s wasteful to lose Minoru’s power, but for him, rescuing Minami is his priority. The condition that Todou gave him wasn’t something he should have to refuse. «As for going abroad too, I will arrange it. To go abroad secretly will only invite unnecessary suspicion, right?» «… Thank you very much.» For Todou to have been assertively cooperating this far, Tatsuya never expected that. It’s indeed that if he had to leave military, any illegal activities he does wouldn’t be waived anymore. In this very case, it’s going abroad secretly. But Tatsuya already resolved himself for that unavoidable risk. «Yakumo.» Todou looked back and said something to Yakumo. «Tatsuya-kun, take this.» Yakumo moved to the front-side of Tatsuya, took a creme-wrapper indigo blue paper from his pocket. Tatsuya took that wrapper, and looked at Yakumo with hint «May I open it?» using his eyes. «You may open it.» The one who answered is Todou. «Yes.» The thing wrapped within was an approved passport for official travel. The reason for approval is technological cooperation travel to the USNA. Tatsuya will be dispatched to the USNA temporarily as a Magic Engineer. Against Tatsuya who couldn’t hide his surprise, Todou and Yakumo smiled satisfactorily. «This is Yakumo’s idea. You can take it as token of his apology for hindering you last time.» «It’s not my intention to hinder you though, but well, that’s it.» Whether it’s hindering or apologizing, whatever the detail and the reason, for Tatsuya this surely is a useful item. Tatsuya lowered his head, grateful for what those two did.

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