Volume 30

Chapter 1

July 13th, early Saturday morning. It was ten minutes before seven o’clock in the morning.

“Are you going to visit Honoka at the hospital, after you have gone home?”

Tatsuya with his usual epexpression, asked Miyuki as they were heading to First High in his usual voice.

“Yes, as planned.”

Miyuki has a different appearance with bright chestnut-colored hair, light brown eyes, and a different voice, due to Lina’s magic “Parade”, but she speaks in the same tone.

Yesterday, July 12th. Minami was taken out of the country via sea route by Minoru, with help from the parasites from the US military. Tatsuya’s pursuit ended in failure.

However, neither Tatsuya or Miyuki were overwhelmed with disappointment.

“Tatsuya is going too right?”

Next to Miyuki, Lina, who has an identical appearance as Miyuki that differs only in color, asks Tatsuya. ———Considering how Lina disguised Miyuki with reference to her own face, it should be described that the current Miyuki and Lina look like two peas in a pod except for their differing colors.

Tatsuya failed to rescue Minami, Lina knows this as well.

However, Lina doesn’t seem to be concerned about Tatsuya’s wellbeing.

It’s not that she thinks that Tatsuya doesn’t care about his failure yesterday.

Lina knew that both Tatsuya and Miyuki might have taken a little mental damage. Nevertheless, ———Neither Tatsuya nor Miyuki had given up.

Lina is aware of that.

“That’s right. Lina would you accompany us?”

“Of course. Honoka is my friend.”

Tatsuya and Miyuki are behaving as they usually do, so I will stick to my same attitude as well.

Lina thought to herself.

◇ ◇ ◇

Miyuki has gained the appearance of another person due to Lina’s magic, in order to deceive the mass media.

On Monday July 8th. A New Soviet Union fleet that sailed south through the Sea of Japan was repelled by Ichijou Masaki’s new Strategic Class Magic “Ocean Blast”.

In itself, Tatsuya had devised a plan and calculated to do just that. However, Kichijouji Shinkurou’s press release directed the mass media to a new hero, this greatly disrupted Tatsuya’s plans.

Kichijouji as the co-developer of “Ocean Blast”, gave Tatsuya’s name to the reporters with absurd honesty. Thanks to that, not only Tatsuya but even Miyuki is in a situation of being exposed to the media.

Fortunately, Tatsuya and Miyuki have yet to be surrounded by reporters and photographers.

The fact that Tatsuya and Miyuki moved to their apartment in Chofu is also concealed by the school. According to records, both of them reside at a single house owned by their father, Shiba Tatsurou. The mass media is now intruding there.

Nevertheless, it is easy to imagine that a reporter who couldn’t get a comment at their home would try to ambush them on their route to First High. In fact, this is already occurring. In anticipation of this, Tatsuya asked Lina to change Miyuki’s appearance to that of another person using “Parade”. Miyuki is headed to school with Lina earlier than usual because it takes time to dispel “Parade”. The magic itself can be released in an instant, but in order to prevent an unspecified number of students from seeing this transformation scene, they must go to the student council room, not the classroom, and cancel the disguise there. For that reason, they go to school ahead of time.

Tatsuya sent Miyuki off and settled down in the dining room. To reiterate, he hasn’t given up on the rescue of Minami, nor has he been driven away or been beaten by Minoru.

This morning, he is going through yesterday’s affairs. No matter what was started, it is still unfinished. (TL note: not too sure on this line.)

(….Minami is proceeding east across the Pacific Ocean. There appears to be no change in course) While drinking coffee brewed by the home automation, he turns his “Eye” towards Minami’s information. The Eidos of Minami can be traced without any issues.

(Minoru… hasn’t realized that I’m “looking”)

Minoru should be by Minami’s side. Tatsuya traced the “connection” and tried to read Minoru’s Eidos. However, before he could focus, the “figure” of Minoru is out of Tatsuya’s “field of vision”.

(“Ghost Walker?”)

Tatsuya’s “line of sight” was probably changed due to Minoru’s “Ghost Walker”. Minoru seems to be using Ancient Magic of the East Asian Continent, which was inherited from Zhou’s ghost.

Tatsuya therefore stopped his observation for now. Of course, the marker placed on Minami’s Eidos remains, but he doesn’t want Minoru to find out.

If detailed observations continue, it will not be impossible to stop the transport ship that took Minami. However, if he were to damage the body of Minami with an imprudent attack, it would be mistaking the insignificant for the essential. The engine could be destroyed, but if it leads to the result of the ship sinking, the connection with his “eye” could be exposed.

(It’s still morning but …)

Thinking that as he wanted to go out, he drank the rest of coffee. The destination was 10MC Meeting. He didn’t have to wear any specific clothes to attend, but at least formal attire. Since he’s still considered a student attending with a school uniform was acceptable too, but he decided to wear a suit.

He put the cup into dishwasher — He didn’t have to push the button because the machine would automatically start working when something to wash is put there — Tatsuya then headed to his room. But he instead had to detour to the living room.

The phone was ringing.

The time was just before 08:00. Considering the time, maybe this was quite an urgent phone call, or maybe they could only call at this time of day. With that thought, he hesitated on whether to act oblivious.

Tatsuya entered the living room and pushed the accept button.

The person that appeared in phone wall display was Fujibayashi Kyouko wearing her military uniform.

“Good morning, Tatsuya-kun. I’m sorry to call at such a time.”

Fujibayashi started the conversation with a reserved attitude. Judging from that, it seemed there was a particular reason she was calling in the morning.

“Good morning. Is there any urgent business?”

Tatsuya immediately asked in a blunt tone. He didn’t have a very amiable expression but that wasn’t because he felt offended by the call. That’s just his usual way.

“It’s not urgent business but …”

Fujibayashi answered heavily.

Tatsuya hinted with a glance to urge her to continue.

Fujibayashi within the wall display appeared restless with her eyes swimming left and right, and without facing Tatsuya directly, then started to talk.

“… I want to apologize about my father. Tatsuya-kun, could I ask for some of your time?”

“Does that mean you want to meet me directly?”


Fujibayashi finally resolved herself and looked Tatsuya in the eyes.

“The betrayal of my father wasn’t something that I want to apologize through the display phone.” Fujibayashi Kyouko’s father, Fujibayashi Nagamasa, fought Tatsuya in woods located at Fuji’s mountain base, Aokigahara woods. It was to hinder Tatsuya going after Minoru. The day before, Nagamasa promised Tatsuya to cooperate for catching Minoru, so what he done was undoubtedly an act of betrayal.

“There’s no need.”

Tatsuya as usual just answered bluntly.

“But …”

“I just received the apology, nothing further is needed.”

A blunt unreserved line.

Tatsuya’s tone too matched his line.

Even so, Fujibayashi didn’t cower just with that and wanted to say something. But Tatsuya answered before she was able to do it.

“Leave that aside, how about you visit your father? You know the hospital he’s in, right?”

Tatsuya left the defeated Fujibayashi Nagamasa to Kuroba Mitsugu’s henchmen and Nagamasa was brought to Yotsuba’s hospital in Kofu. He was currently kept custody there for medical treatment.

“Y-yes. I heard from my mother.”

“It’s a lethal wound, but they shouldn’t reject visitors.”

Even though Nagamasa was kept custody there, Yotsuba didn’t have any intention to decline any visitors for him. They had stated the hospital name together with its address by phone last night.

“… I understand.”

Come again after talking with the source of problem, Nagamasa himself. Fujibayashi interpreted that was what Tatsuya meant.

“This time, I’m really sorry for what happened.”

Tatsuya realized Fujibayashi somehow misunderstood him but he didn’t have any intention to rectify that.

“It’s nothing. Take care.”

With that line which could easily be misunderstood, he pushed the button to end the call.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kazama who worked in the Lieutenant Colonel office of Independent Magic Equipped Battalion 101 left the office room without even being able to sit for a considerable time. It’s because he received a message from terminal device above his desk to come over.

And currently he’s standing in front of Major General Saeki’s office desk, the top commander of 101 Battalion.

“Yesterday, in old Yamanashi prefecture, around the western side of Fuji-Kawaguchi lake, police enquired Kudou Soushi.”

After the usual exchange, this was the topic that Saeki brought up.

Kazama was slightly surprised hearing that.

“That’s the same name of the 2nd son of Kudou.”

“That’s him.”

Kazama confusion then became obvious.

“Why was he in that place? I thought he shouldn’t have any leeway to go to that far since tomorrow is his Excellency’s Kudou funeral.”

The funeral for his Excellency Kudou who was killed by Minoru — officially it’s mentioned that he passed away because of an illness — would be held tomorrow at the Kudou’s estate. Undoubtedly many people will be coming to mourn. It’s not limited to today, yesterday their family should have been busy too to prepare.

“It seems that Kudou Soushi helped Kudou Minoru escape and even fought Shiba Tatsuya.”

“The Kudou-clan are still connected with Kudou Minoru?”

Based on his tone, Kazama was exasperated instead of surprised knowing that fact.

“It’s just  circumstantial evidence.”

In contrast, Saeki wasn’t surprised or exasperated, and just answered bluntly to Kazama.

“If the police were able to inquiry him, means that Kudou Soushi wasn’t erased by Tatsuya, right?”

“Of course. His magic, Mist Dispersion is designed as classified magic. It’s not permitted to be used just because he was obstructed when rescuing a servant.”

This time, Saeki’s poker face starting to crumble. Her line was a one-sided push of military regulation. To Tatsuya, his priority was different. But Kazama didn’t point that out. “If it’s like that, he himself understands it well I think … “

Saeki then sighed.

“… Last night, the fire point on the southern side of the lake, was caused by Mist Dispersion. There’s no evidence, but based on analysis of the image captured using infra-red stratosphere platform, it’s unmistakably surmised so.”

“I never heard of this.”

Kazama expression was, complaining why wasn’t he notified of such information. Tatsuya as “Special Lieutenant Oguro Ryuya” is Kazama’s direct subordinate within Independent Magic Equipped Battalion. Even in the end the information would go the highest commander of battalion, before that, it’s only natural the information itself should went to him first. That’s what Kazama thought.

Saeki understood what Kazama thought and even predicted that.

“Our battalion, won’t protect Tatsuya over the violations he committed yesterday.”

Moreover, she ignored Kazama’s dissatisfaction.

“Recently, his conduct have gone over limit. If he thinks just because he’s a Strategical Class Magician he can do whatever he wishes, that notion itself should be rectified.”

“I think Tatsuya never misunderstood that …”

Just because we got a new Strategic Class Magician with Ichijou Masaki, so we have no use for Tatsuya anymore? — Although Kazama didn’t say that.

“By the way, was Kudou Minoru able to slip away from Tatsuya with help of Kudou Soushi?

“Kudou Minoru brought Sakurai Minami, and escaped to Pacific using USNA transport ship.”

“So it’s instigated by the USNA?”

“Apparently, he got help from parasites within the USNA military.”

Parasites within the USNA military with Stars at the center, certainly having their influence is strong. That fact had been known to Japan’s military. Currently only selected people within the intelligence division have hold of that information, but Saeki got the information through her private connections.

“I see.”

Saeki never told Kazama about this before, but Kazama didn’t show any surprise about that. Saeki didn’t expect such a reaction from Kazama, but she didn’t ask “you already knew?” either. Since she thought he wouldn’t be willingly to say where he got his information, she didn’t press further.

“… very likely Shiba Tatsuya too knows how Kudou Minoru escapes. There’s a good chance that he knows the destination too.”

“Tatsuya has that ‘Eye’ after all. But is there any problem with that?”

“The destination the ship that brings Minoru is northwest of the Hawaiian archipelago.”

“Northwest of the Hawaiian archipelago… . Does your excellency believe and worry that there’s chance of Tatsuya attacking Midway?”


Saeki didn’t hide it and clearly nodded.

“Major. The Independent Magic Equipped Battalion will not lend any assistance to Shiba Tatsuya attacking Midway.”

“Roger. I will relay that to my subordinates.”

With Kazama who’s able to discern the right thing, Saeki sighed with relief.

It seems she thinks that he would agree with attacking the USNA base. — Judging from Saeki’s reaction, that’s what Kazama thought. That notion was no different that looking at him as a person that prioritized personal feelings more than the nation’s advantage, Kazama is dissatisfied with that kind of assessment.

“Is that all?” Because of that, his words were kinda prickly. Kazama didn’t even hide his dissatisfaction.

“No. The main topic is different.”

From Saeki’s tone, she didn’t become impatient because of Kazama’s attitude. But, more than that, her tone was too calm. “We’ll be releasing the Australian magicians that we captured in March, Jasmine Williams and James J. Johnson.”

“We are going to extradite them to Australia?”


Kazama didn’t ask the reason for releasing both. Since it’s the government’s decision, he had no place to question that decision, and he didn’t want to lure a snake that can catch the bait by asking for it [TLN: having more problems by asking unnecessary questions]. There’s no officially stated officer or soldier from Japan that has become a prisoner in Australia. But maybe they weren’t captured as war prisoner but as a criminal. Kazama himself wasn’t unrelated to this kind of illegal operations, so he really didn’t want to know much about this release. “I’m thinking of assigning you to guard their extradition.”

“You actually mean me?”

But both of them knew this had nothing to do about the release of two operative Australian magicians.

“For a day’s task. It should pose no problem for the battalion’s management to handle this.”

“Can I ask the date, time and the location?”

“You’re going to depart from this base July 14, at 0900. Both prisoners are going to arrive today.”

“So it’s tomorrow… . Where do we bring the prisoners? To Australia?”

“Iwo island. You will hand over those prisoners there.”

“Just handing over, right?”

“It’s not a prisoner exchange. But.”

With that, Saeki took a sealed letter and gave it to him.

“Deliver this to person who’s incharge. Make sure you personally deliver it to them.”

“The person in charge you mentioned, who is this person?”

There’s no receiver name in the letter. Kazama’s question was obvious.

In contrast to Kazama’s question, Saeki’s answer wasn’t obvious.

“Lieutenant Colonel, you know this person’s name and face.”

Currently, in this Battalion’s Command office room was only Saeki and Kazama.

Even so, it’s not someone who’s name can be mentioned easily.

“Roger that.”

With that, Kazama didn’t ask any more questions.

Segment D “Open Secret” (jp-en translation by Freakazone [])

After 9 am, Tatsuya left his condominium with a small helicopter operated by Hyougo who came to pick him up.

Their destination is Yokohama Bay Hills Tower.

From 10 o’clock today, there will be a temporary clan meeting being held in the online meeting room at Magic Association – Kanto branch.

Tatsuya was called there as a witness/person of interest.

“Saegusa-senpai, good morning”

Tatsuya called out to Mayumi, who stood in front of the meeting room.

“Tatsuya-kun, good morning. Your quite early aren’t you.”

Mayumi smiles, and approach to Tatsuya who was drawing closer.

“Is senpai attending on behalf of Saegusa-dono?”

“By no means. I’m here as Juumonji’s[1]  assistant.”

“So that’s how it is. Certainly, Juumonji-senpai may not be able to concentrate on the conference while operating the video conferencing system alone.”

“Nevertheless, an outsider isn’t allowed to help.”

A dark shadow is visible on Mayumi’s face for a moment.

As expected, she seems to know what will be the subject/topic of the meeting today.

But Mayumi soon had a friendly smile on her face.

“Tatsuya-kun, do you want to drink some tea over there?”

“But the meeting will begin soon?”

“We have more than enough time,” Mayumi forcibly took Tatsuya into the cafe space.

Tatsuya knows that she is a black tea woman/fond of black tea.

Tatsuya knew she was a woman with her unique perspective on Tea Ceremonies.

He was concerned that ten minutes would not be enough to make a decent cup of tea, but Mayumi was not that fanatical.

She took the iced tea out of the fridge and just put it down in front of Tatsuya.

“Tatsuya-kun, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be much of a help before.”

Mayumi started the conversation with an apology as soon as she put a glass in front of Tatsuya.

She hasn’t brought anything extra to the table, such as syrup, milk or lemon.

The absence of any ‘extra stuff’ was probably due to time constraints.

“…… Did you mean regarding the matter last month? Looking at the result that night, Minoru was being repelled. I’d rather thank you.”

Mayumi was referring to the matter at the end of June, the night where Minoru attacked Minami in the hospital.

Like what Tatsuya said, Minoru has failed to kidnap Minami that night

“At that time, it was Juumonji-kun who repelled Minoru-kun … and if Minoru-kun had been captured there…”

“I also couldn’t capture Minoru”

The air in the cafe space increased in weight and ferocity.

“… By the way, have you been to school recently?”

Mayumi tries to wipe out the dark mood by changing her tone in asking Tatsuya.

“I did go. But only sometimes”

Realistically, Tatsuya did not lie.

Even this week, he is going to school on Wednesday to bring Lina to the head principal Momoyama.

And in the first place, schools were reopened on Thursday.

It would be more of a lie to say that he did not go to school.

–That’s what Tatsuya thought.

But contrary to his thoughts, Mayumi raised her eyebrows when she heard what Tatsuya said.

“The fact that Tatsuya is exempt from attendance, I knew about that but…”

Mayumi gazes at Tatsuya with a worried look.

“But that’s not what Tatsuya-kun desired in his life, is it…? You were told not to come to school, but isn’t it better to go to school every day as much as you can? You can only be in high school for less than six months”

Mayumi herself is worried about him and thus said so.

That is where even for Tatsuya, it wasn’t a misunderstanding.

If there was a misunderstanding, it would be on Mayumi’s part.

“I will go to school whenever possible.”

This isn’t an excuse, Tatsuya truly does intend to do so.

Apart from the time when entering school, Tatsuya didn’t dislike going to First High.

Rather, he even remembers that he is attached to First High.

Apart from his likes and dislikes, Tatsuya is quite curious about how Miyuki and Lina spend their time at school.

He is genuinely worried about Miyuki, and tremendously worried about Lina not messing things up.

However, the current situation was that he could not afford to go to school.

“Did I unnecessarily meddle in too much?”

Mayumi didn’t think she understood that much in Tatsuya’s short reply, but there was something that she could feel from his tone and facial expression.

Her eyebrow which clouded with sorrow didn’t clear up, but it had become much dimmer.

Three minutes before the start of the meeting, Katsuto appeared.

He didn’t come in too late.

Preparations are arranged by the staff from the Magic Association.

An assistant is still needed after the meeting starts.

Tatsuya, along with Mayumi, entered the conference room followed by Katsuto.

There were already six faces on the large display.

Tatsuya greeted the Head of Family of 10 Master Clan by slightly bowing.

This is not because Tatsuya took lightly on the Head of another family.

Neither Katsuto nor Mayumi greeted each person in the same way, regardless of the angle at which they lowered their heads. (Only Mayumi bowed deeply).

Yatsushiro-kei shows up on the screen slightly late after Tatsuya entered the room.

Finally, at 10 o’clock.

The remaining three people—Yotsuba Maya, Saegusa Kouichi, and Kudou Makoto—are all present on the display.

“Well then, it’s time, so we’ll hold the temporary clan meeting.”

There were no exchange of ritual/ceremonial/formal words in Katsuto’s declaration.

“I want to clarify all the facts first,”

The Head of Ichijou-kei, Ichijou Gouki suddenly started with a strong tone.

“Is it true that Kudou Soushi-dono helped Kudou Minoru escape?”

“I will answer this. It is true.”

Tatsuya took on this question without hesitation.

“Kudou Soushi-dono was impersonating as Kudou Minoru using “Parade” and leading me as a decoy. Minoru escaped in the opposite direction while I was tracking Soushi-dono.”

“Kudou-dono. Is there anything wrong with Shiba’s statement?”

The Head of Futatsugi-kei[2] , Futatsugi Mai asks Makoto.

The Kudou-kei is currently not a member of 10 Master Clan.

18 Assistant Houses, is one of 18 Houses that are positioned as 10 Master Clan substitutes.

Kudou Makoto was invited to the meeting as the party that needs to be for questioneding, not the side to hear out the situation.

“It does appear like that on the surface, but the expression of impersonating is misleading. Soushi didn’t voluntarily become a decoy.”

Makoto answers Mai’s questions without hesitation.

“Are you saying that he is being manipulated”

“Are you saying that Minoru who became a parasite was manipulating Soushi-dono as a puppet?”

Mutsuzuka Atsuko and Yatsuhiro Raizou went on to ask Makoto.

“That’s right. Soushi couldn’t counter Minoru’s mental interference magic who already assimilated with a parasite.”

If Kudou Soushi is here, he may have testified that he was not directly being manipulated by magic.

Soushi was not willing to lend a hand toward Minoru’s escape, but he was intimidated and couldn’t help but to cooperate.

However, Minoru isn’t the only one who put pressure on Soushi.

It was true that there was a factor in fear of Minoru’s power, but it was Makoto who ordered Soushi to become a decoy.

Minoru did not use any magic to manipulate Soushi.

“Did Minoru-kun use magic in manipulating the consciousness? There was no such information in the data that we’ve received.”

“It’s a new power gained by becoming a parasite”

Makoto’s explanation is intentionally false.

Minoru did not manipulate Soushi with magic, nor did he learn any magic in manipulating the consciousness.

However, Makoto’s voice that answers Shippou Takumi’s question did not tremble as before.

“So, until the very end, Soushi-dono is saying that Minoru-kun is the one who manipulates is it”

The one who inquires this was Saegusa Kouichi.

“That’s right”

Makoto’s answer remains the same.

He’s going to put all the blame/responsibility on Minoru.

Kouichi’s questioning was not over.

“Since when?”

“…..About what?”

For the first time, Makoto appeared to be trembling.

“When did Soushi fall trick to Minoru’s strategy?

The self-propelled car that Soushi-dono used to serve as a decoy, I’ve heard that it was not a rental car or a stolen car, but a property owned by Kudou-kei. When did Soushi fall under the magic of conscious manipulation and took out the self-propelled car?

“That is……”

“Kudou-dono, did you not notice of Soushi-dono suspicious behavior?”

“… Embarrassed as it is, I didn’t realize”

Makoto’s tone changes from excruciating to abasing oneself.

His strong and confident attitude tore down.

“That’s dangerous isn’t it”

Not the tone that Kouichi uses to tease, but a serious voice that is pointing out something.


Ichijou Gouki interrupts the conversation between Kouichi and Makoto.

Gouki did not give out any kind of help to Makoto who was hesitant to answer.

The thing that was dangerously mentioned by Kouichi, he needs to know what was it.

“Kudou-dono didn’t realize that his family was under the strong influence of parasites.”

As if waiting for Gouki’s question, Kouichi’s tone was feverish.

“That means we can’t deny the possibility that other than Soushi-dono, there are those who are dominated by a parasite and are hiding in his families and servants.”

Kouichi’s theory was compelling.

However, it cannot be denied.

That is unless Makoto withdraws the claim that Soushi was manipulated by Minoru.

“Kudou-dono. Saegusa-dono concerns seem to be something that can’t be ignored.”

Futatsugi Mai talks to Makoto while trying to have a neutral attitude.

” ……I agree with you”

Makoto had to recognize those word/claim.

“I will immediately inspect everyone in the house”

“You do not know who is under parasite control right? Will you not be short of hands doing this alone Kudou-dono?”

“Are you saying that Saegusa-dono will lend a hand?”

The one who answers Kouichi’s question was Gouki, not Makoto.

If Gouki didn’t speak just now, Makoto would have fallen into silence.

“There was something that I need to think about, and over the past year, our family has been trying to find Esp user/practitioner. I think they would be useful.”

Kouichi was eager to incorporate perceptual magicians in light of  last year’s incident regarding the first parasite.

At least on this matter, there were no lies in Kouichi’s words.

Of course, Kouichi’s offer is not based on good intention.

“Well then, shall our family also lend a hand?”

“No, that’s alright. I’m sorry to bother Yotsuba-dono, who is already troubled with Minoru-kun and USNA.”

Towards Yotsuba Maya suggestion, even though it was a sudden remark, it was proof that it was a straight-out objection.

Kouichi was trying to steal the research results on the former ninth laboratory under the pretext of an investigation.

“How about having a face to face talk with Saegusa-dono and Kudou-dono regarding this case later”

Katsuto steps in as if he had already predicted that a spark may scatter between Kouichi and Maya.

“That’s right. It is as Juumonji-dono says”

Gouki support Katsuto without a moments delay.

“I agree. Kudou-dono, can you spare some time later?”

“I don’t mind that”

When Makoto gave a nod of approval toward Kouichi, a new air was born in the area.



<TN: I think the author is trying to say a new atmosphere has engulfed the meeting, something like that>

“Shiba-dono. No, should I call you Yotsuba-dono?”

Shippou Takumi, who decided to move on to the next topic, talked to Tatsuya with a formal attitude.

“Please use ‘Shiba'”

Tatsuya replied that it was not an identity issue, but a result that could make it difficult to distinguish between him and Maya.

“Well then, Shiba-dono. Last night, there was a shootout with a group of magicians who robbed the news helicopter near the eastern coast of Hiratsuka. Was it you?”

“The one who received the shooting from the helicopter, counterattack and annihilate them by magic, was me.”

Tatsuya subtly amends Shippou Takumi’s questionable remarks.

“I understood from the data I’ve received, Shiba’s counterattack was for self-defense”

Towards Tatsuya’s counterargument, Takumi responds with a pacifying speech line.

“Do you know who your opponent was?”

“Were they an accomplice with Kudou Minoru?”

Shortly after that, Itsuwa Isami and Mutsuzuka Atsuko continued to ask questions.

“I do not know. It was an East Asian ethnic group, but there was only a subtle difference compared to standard Japanese.”

Truthfully, from what Erika heard what Tooyama Tsukasa said, it can be speculated that the opponent is illegal IMAP.

However, since it was an information that he could not know at the time of battle last night, it was unidentifiable to Tatsuya.

“I know about their identity/background”

Like denying Tatsuya’s answer, Saegusa Kouichi opens up his mouth again.

“Who are they?”

Katsuto urges Kouichi to answer.

“USNA Illegal Magician Assassination Platoon・Horsehead Squad”

“Illegal MAP is it?”

Upon hearing the name that Kouichi revealed, Mitsuya Gen whispered in a tone saying “I see.”

“Saegusa-dono, Mitsuya-dono, what is Illegal MAP?”

Questioned by Ichijou Gouki, Saegusa Kouichi and Mitsuya Gen line of sight moves a little.

At the screen where they are mutually close by with one another, they peek at other parties’ facial expression.

As a result of compromising using a camera, Mitsuya Gen took on the explaining role.


“It is an illegal assassination unit that reports directly to the US Army – Joint Chief of Staff. All members belong to magicians with excellent interpersonal skills. It’s comprised of three squads. Among them, the assumption is the horsehead squad are from East Asia, where I learned that it was a squad consolidated by a magician with an East Asian appearance.”

“So, it’s an elite troop of illegal handicraft owned by the US Army is it”

“That understanding is correct”

Mitsuya Gen nod at Ichijou Gouki word.

“Yotsuba-dono, why does America intend to kill your son”

Gouki turns his sharp tongue towards Maya.

“Who knows? Isn’t it because Tatsuya flatly refuses their request?”

Maya shameless manner of speaking, probably means that she has nothing to hide but doing so by feigning ignorance.


Gouki didn’t care about Maya’s attitude.

“Is this about the request to participate in Dione plan? I can’t even think that they’ll send a magician assassination troop just for that. As I thought, isn’t this about the rumor about your son?”

Maya didn’t respond to Gouki’s provocation. She only slightly laughing/smiling.

“What is this rumor?”

The one who enquires this was Shippou Takumi.

“The rumor is that the Strategic Class Magician who destroyed the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, the magician who caused the so-called “Scorched Halloween” is Shiba-dono, the son of Yotsuba-dono.”

The statement made by Gouki was a formal answer to Takumi, but towards Maya and also Tatsuya, it was an inquiry.

Like always, Maya just makes a cold smile.

The one who replied was Tatsuya.

“I don’t recognize the need to answer this”

Not taking into account regarding Tatsuya behavior to reply, Gouki flush his wide eye face.

<考慮の素振りもないTatsuyaの返答に、Goukiが目を見開き顔を紅潮させる。[4] TN: This is the part where usually it’s about when your blood is surging to your face because of anger. But I’m not sure there is saying of this in English>

“It is not part of the agenda that should be discussed at this meeting. If it is that kind of meeting, I shouldn’t be intruding here.”

Tatsuya piles up more words before Gouki could raise his voice.

“Shiba-dono, you spoke too much. Calm down.”

“Ichijou-dono too should also refrain from making statements that seek out the situation of other families.”

Mutsuzuka Atsuko and Yasuhiro Raizou hurriedly rush into mediation.

“… That’s right. It was an improper topic.”

“I apologize”

Even though it’s only by word, Gouki admits his error. In response, Tatsuya gave a heartfelt apology.

At the conference room, the spoilt atmosphere begins to drift apart.

The head family reflected at the screen could not hide their declining motivation.

Or rather, they are not willing to hide it.

“If the armed forces that caused the riot were illegal MAP, their violence would have nothing to do with Minoru-dono or any domestic criminal organization.”

“This time, the chance for NSU fleet to retreat is by the form of entering the country, however from now on, in the honor of the defense army they need to be more vigilant.”


As it is now, the thought is there will be no benefit in dully prolonging the situation.

Mitsuya Gen summarized the discussion.

“Regarding this case, our participation is unnecessary. I think the problem here lies in Kudou-dono responsibility.”

“It’s just like Mitsuya-dono said. Even though it was the result of yielding to Minoru magic, the parasite only assists in giving anxiety to society”

Saegusa Kouichi took advantage on Mitsuya Gen’s remarks.

“Yotsuba-dono. It was Kudou Minoru who kidnap your House servant. From the viewpoint of Yotsuba-kei, what kind of demand do you seek from the Kudou-kei?”

Kouichi throws this question, Maya was forced to take on this detestable role.

“I agree……. Tatsuya, what do you think about this?”

Maya didn’t let off her smile, she throws the question back to Tatsuya.

“I don’t think he needs to take up the responsibility”

Tatsuya did not hesitate.

“If Minoru was manipulating behind the scene, then Kudou-kei is also a victim to the parasite. Looking at it objectively, the fact is that the Kudou family was the first victim where the previous generation Head was killed by Minoru. Coming tomorrow is the late Excellency Kudou funeral, I don’t think it’s appropriate for humanity to condemn the surviving family as an accomplice”.

“Shiba-dono, well done in saying that”.

Probably afraid of any objection.

Futatsugi Mai had a fast talk in the form of praise and agreeing with Tatsuya.

“Just as Shiba-dono pointed out, Kudou Minoru is the criminal who killed the former Head of Kudou-kei. Kudou-kei should not be willing to join hands with such a person.”

“That’s kind of common sense, right?”

Yatsushiro Raizou strikes with a slightly ironic tone.

“I also agree with the opinion that the Kudou-kei does not need any kind of atonement. Saegusa-dono, is that alright?”

“If even Yotsuba-dono is all right with it, I have no objection.”

Pushed by Mitsuya Gen concern, Saegusa Kouichi nod with a docile facial expression.

Apart from Maya and Tatsuya, Mai, Raizou, and Gen remarks/statement/comment are those where they didn’t want to break the 10 Master Clan unity.

The Kudou family is currently not a member of 10 Master Clan, but until recently their family was at its core and draw a line on other 18 Assistant Houses.

If the Kudou family is driven to a corner more than necessary, the 10 Master Clan system may be weakened.

That was the thing that harbor their anxiety.

Kouichi also doesn’t want to break the order of the Japanese magic world where 10 Master Clan stand at the very top.

He was aiming for a decline in the status of the Kudou-kei, which still had a strong influence even after leaving 10 Master Clan. He didn’t wish for mutual destruction.

“Splendid. Also, Shiba-dono”

For Mitsuya Gen, it doesn’t fit him if he just pulls out Saegusa Kouichi to compromise.

“What is it”

“Surely this place is not a place to reveal your power.”

“Mitsuya-dono, that kind of talk is already…”

Katsuto wanted to restrain Gen.

But Gen mouth/tongue didn’t stop.

“But Shiba-dono. It is now an open secret that you are a Strategic-Class Magician. Shiba-dono actions and remarks have caused many of the military officials in Japan and abroad fell into suspicion. You need to be a little more heavily in recognizing where they are sensing the threat and the reality that elicits their overreaction.

Gen’s remarks were not based on any kind of disgust or malice.

Rather contrarily, it can be said that he worries about Tatsuya – present and future.

Not only in Japan, but Mitsuya-kei also has many channels with overseas personnel who are involved with military affairs.

Maybe it’s also part of a plot to neutralize the ‘Strategic-Class Magician – Shiba Tatsuya’.

“I’ll accept this advice. I can’t say anything regarding this, even if you say that it’s already an open secret.”

Even for Tatsuya, he seems to comprehend that.

Still, his attitude did not change.

Tatsuya circumstances were that he promised the National Defence Force where he would not reveal that he is the user of Material Burst.

Also, he is unable to ignore the information conveyed by Shiina through Miyuki.

Mitsuya-kei has informed the Defense Force of Tatsuya’s plan to attack Midway prison.

The reason why Saeki, who has a close relationship with Tatsuya, was chosen as the target of the notification is to prevent the plan from being put into place.

Thinking at it from a shrewd perspective, Tatsuya couldn’t help but think that the current remark might be to bind his hand and feet.

Segment E “Responsibility” (ru-en cross-translation by Artimec [S P])[5] 

Tatsuya had a bitter aftertaste after today’s extraordinary meeting of the 10 Master Clans. It was lucky he has not been accused because of the fight with the Illegal IMAP, but the fact of being virtually exposed as the Strategic Class Magician was the untenable result  for him, notwithstanding that he was not the one to blame for.

However, it would just make Miyuki worry more if he’s going to be in a bad mood. He has headed to the hospital after consciously suppressing such his feelings. Together with Miyuki and Lina, upon their return home from school,  he was planning to take a visit to Honoka lying in that hospital.

— Hi, Honoka! How you feeling?[6] 

Lina was the first to speak to Honoka as they came into the hospital room.

Tatsuya and Miyuki stood behind her with a delicate lack of expression on their faces.

Actually, Miyuki hadn’t talked first  because she thought Honoka would be pleased if Tatsuya start the conversation. In the same time Tatsuya, as if he was reading Miyuki’s mind, meant to ask about the Honoka’s health first.


Lina demolished [7] this programme of action with her energy.

Though she couldn’t be blamed for that, because they had no discussion in advance about their roles. As a result, Miyuki and Tatsuya temporary lost their facial expression[8] .

Perhaps Tatsuya and Miyuki were being overcautious.

Without a trace of disappointment, Honoka answered Lina’s question in a  high-pitched voice while smiling.

—It’s alright. Even though this is called “has been hospitalized[9] “, I’m here just for a preventive check-up.

— I see. That’s good.

Tatsuya entered the conversation after returning to his normal state.

 —Tatsuya-san… I’m sorry that I made you worry.

Honoka was embarrassed, but made no secret of her smile. Although she didn’t think Tatsuya wouldn’t worry about her, when he showed his care so openly, she couldn’t suppress her joy inside.

—Honoka, you don’t have to apologize. It rather me who should be apologizing. I’m sorry I dragged you into that. I’ve even created problems for Erika.

Beside the Tatsuya’s group, Erika and Shizuku also have come to visit Honoka.

Tatsuya bowed to Honoka first, and made an apology to Erika after that.

—  Why would you say something like that, Tatsuya-san! This is not your fault!

— True. It’s that villains who’s to blame for this. Thankfully, neither Honoka nor Mizuki were injured, so Tatsuya-kun doesn’t need to take responsibility, right?

Honoka shook her head from side to side vigorously, while Erika was doing this with a faint smile.

— I’m very glad nobody got hurt. I’m talking not only about Honoka and Mizuki, but also about Erika, Saijou-kun and Yoshida-kun.

Miyuki spoke from the heart. Her words were also meant to prevent Tatsuya apologizing further.[10] 

— Right. Mizuki too didn’t go to school today, but it’s just a precaution to make sure yesterday’s incident won’t happen again. As for Leo and Miki… they are able to take care of themselves in some way.

Like Erika said, Mizuki stayed home today as a safety precaution. While Leo among with Mikihiko aren’t here, because they were hesitant of coming into a girl’s private hospital room (not a general ward).

—I don’t think it’s Tatsuya-san fault either, but…

Shizuku, who remained quiet during the conversation, made the remark which seemed to be an outlier among the talking.[11] 

Shizuku fixed her gaze on Tatsuya. There was no trace of a smile on her face.

I want Tatsuya-San to protect Honoka[12]  in order to ensure this never happens again.

She had a totally serious tone of voice, without a trace of humor. Her face was absolutely serious.

— U-ugh!? — Honoka gave a cry. Erika and Lina as well couldn’t hide their surprise.

Somehow neither surprise nor anger    appeared on Miyuki’s face. …There was no smile either.

— Well, I assume you know I am part of the Yotsuba family from the 10 Master Clans.

In response to Shizuku’s query, Tatsuya gave her an answer, that sounded more like a “question” rather than a “statement”.


The one who responded to him was Shizuku, not Honoka. While Honoka herself just fixed her gaze on Tatsuya breathlessly.

— Previously, I’ve been planning to separate from the Yotsuba family in my future… Or even to confront them. But now I intend to live like a magician from the Yotsuba family.

 For a second, Miyuki’s face clouds over after she had heard  Tatsuya’s last words.

—For Honoka to be under my protection means that she also will  join the magician staff at the Yotsuba family. She can’t live a normal live. As well as remain a normal magician.[13]  Nonetheless…

—Still, I don’t mind.

Gathering her strength, Honoka has given the answer,  confirming her acceptance of Tatsuya’s words.

You could see no hesitation in her eyes aimed at Tatsuya.

But after turning it from Tatsuya to Miyuki, a tint of hesitation appeared there.

— But then… Miyuki, is that okay with you?

Miyuki shifted her gaze  upon hearing  Honoka.

However, immediately turned back  and looked Honoka straight in the eye.

— To tell the truth… I don’t like this. Because Honoka is an attractive girl. While having an objection, I’m glad that we can support Tatsuya-sama together.

— Miyuki… Yeah, I’ll do my best.[14] 

Miyuki and Honoka gave each other a smile. Both had an ‘open-mouth smile[15] ‘. While Miyuki was feigning her smile, smiling Honoka lacked self-confidence. Still, there were no lie in their words as well as their eyes.

— However… — Miyuki has said this and turned to Tatsuya with a devastating smile. — Cheating is forbidden, Tatsuya-sama.

“There was no need to say something like that now”,  without any change on his face Tatsuya groaned this in his mind.

—There was no need to say something like that now…

Lina’s voice rang out like a thunderclap[16] .

As you would expect… The atmosphere was spoiled.

However, there was no one present who did not understand spoiled atmosphere was the result of Miyuki’s defiant act.

— …Of course. — Retorted Tatsuya, trying to keep a straight face  to the extent possible.

Meanwhile, Honoka’s face started already twitching after smiling for such a long time.

So greedy[17] . — It was Shizuku who whispered this while standing alongside Honoka.

Segment F “A problem child” (by Artimec [S P])[18] 

7:00 p.m. Today too Lina was having a dinner at one table with Tatsuya and Miyuki. This day, however, she was not simply waiting at the table as usual, but standing in the kitchen with Miyuki. Unfortunately, Lina’s mastery was not  enough for describing this situation as “cooking together.” Rather, Lina was only Miyuki’s “sauce-chief”

— …I wasn’t expecting Shizuku will  bring something up like this…

Wielding chopsticks with great difficulty, Lina spoke to Tatsuya. …Miyuki, in a rather Spartan manner, did not allow Lina to use a knife and fork instead of chopsticks.

— It was actually a big surprise for me.

Neither Tatsuya nor Miyuki have asked about the meaning of Lina’s words “something up like this”. To Shizuku’s “request” reflected in the words “I want Tatsuya-San to protect Honoka”, Tatsuya responded with his words “I will take Honoka, Erika as well as the others into my protection list[19] “. This all was in line with Lina’s impression, which she had described  with her words “looks like you’re going to establish a Kingdom” last evening.

—Rather, a situation, when the other side personally ask for protection, fits for you better, right?

— Yeah. …But really, I wish the situation has not been so bad to require my protection.

Tatsuya was probably saying these words to himself, but Lina somehow took it to heart.

— …Honoka too is a magician. For her, the risk to end up in a  dangerous situation therefore is quite high, regardless of Onii-sama.

 —R-right. There are individuals from gov, non-gov organizations as well as criminal groups who scour for strong magicians to forcibly make the latters’ work for them. That’s why Honoka shall glad[20]  to be protected by Tatsuya.

As if trying to distract attention, Miyuki and Lina hurriedly started talking. Or rather Lina was the one in a hurry and nervous. Miyuki, obviously, was trying to convince herself with those words.

— …Yes, you’re right. Moreover, at this point , it’s not like I have to start acting right now.

— …Right[21] . For now it would be better to put Minami-chan first.

All three of them stopped moving their chopsticks. It looked like the weight of the surrounding atmosphere wouldn’t let them go without the answer.

— …I don’t know if I should say this, but is it Ok you’re not chasing Minami right now? You’re not gonna give up, are you?

— Of course I won’t give up. — Tatsuya replied to Lina’s question on the spot[22] .

There was no hesitation in his words.

Miyuki shook the sadness out of her face.

—I know her location. Now she is… roughly 1200 kilometers eastward from Tokyo. Keeps moving underwater in the Pacific at 35 knots.

— You know that much!?

Lina’s eyes widened after Tatsuya’s last words.

Even chopsticks fell out of her hand.

Miyuki cast a disapproving look at Lina sitting in front of her.

— Sorry. — Lina murmured this, picked the fallen chopsticks up from a table and put them on a ceramic chopsticks holder[23] .

After confirming that Lina carefully placed her chopsticks the right way, Miyuki turned to Tatsuya and asked:

— When you say underwater, do you mean she’s in a submarine?”

Needless to say, Miyuki herself  placed her chopsticks on a holder as soon as she stopped eating, following the proper etiquette.

— I don’t know such details. This may also be a fully submersible transport vessel. …What’s more important now – food’s getting cold. Let’s talk while we are dining.

— Really.

—A fully submersible transport vessel? You know quite a lot…

Miyuki and Lina continued their dinner following by Tatsuya, albeit each of them had a different reaction.

— Keep mowing eastward from Tokyo… Toward Hawaii, maybe? Or rather…

Even if Lina tried to act as if she wasn’t thinking of anything else, it was the obvious fact she’s been interpreting that info at her own convenience. She was thinking it’s a fortunate coincidence that the ship with Minami is heading toward Midway island.

Neither Tatsuya nor Miyuki blamed her for such an indiscretion. Both they knew that  Benjamin Canopus, imprisoned on the Midway, is an important person for Lina. She must be worrying about him, like Miyuki and Tatsuya are worrying  about Minami.

— Their destination point certainly is neither the main island from Hawaiian archipelago nor Oʻahu island. They are moving toward the Midway island or an Atoll near it…

It has also been the reason Tatsuya guided this conversation in the direction Lina desired.

—Lina, are there any American army bases northwest from Hawaiian islands?”

Tatsuya had heard from the Mitsuya family there is an American army base located on Pearl and Hermes Atoll. However, he chose to throw Lina a hint asking this question, while trying to draw the attention toward the Midway prison.

— I heard there’s a Navy supply base on Pearl and Hermes Atoll.

Sad to say, Lina’s mood was quite serious. She missed the hint from Tatsuya and returned only a straightforward answer.

Miyuki has been staring at Lina with disappointment, in an attempt to get ahold of her with a simple idea “Not this!”.

Sitting next to her Tatsuya, at the same time, patiently asked Lina the next question.

— What do you know about it?

— I haven’t inquired about every regional base we had no plans to use. I am not a Navy officer.

—So, that base should not be very big?

— I guess. If it was an important base, think I’d remember that.

“Should I say her by myself…?”

Tatsuya already had a headache.

Miyuki was just concentrated on her food, escaping this conversation.

— This means a base located far away from the mainland, also not much is known about military staff there? A good place for keeping the kidnapped persona there.

— …Tatsuya, do you think the  Pearl and Hermes base is their destination point? — Lina asked Tatsuya shyly.

Tatsuya had no desire to keep walking around the bush all the night.

— I cannot ignore the possibility that the kidnapped persona may be in jail on Midway island.

Lina sighed with relief.

Miyuki casted [24] a glance at Lina. Her eyes were saying: “what a problem child that requires a lot of care”. Lina, however, hasn’t even noticed Miyuki gave her that look.

Chapther 2

a)July 14th.

Narrative: Kazama and the 101 are traveling with Jasmine and James from Australia.

◇ ◇ ◇

b)Narrative: Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina board a VTOL and head to Miyaki Island.

◇ ◇ ◇

b.2)Narrative: British ship arrives at Iwo.

◇ ◇ ◇

c)Narrative: Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina arrive at Miyaki Island.

◇ ◇ ◇

d)Tatsuya, Miyuki, Lina and Maya have a conversation about the location of Minami and their plans to rescue her. Maya tells Tatsuya to wait a few days before leaving.

◇ ◇ ◇

e)Tatsuya and Miyuki are brought to a room where Asha Chandrasekhar the developer of Agni-Downburst and Arya Krishna Shastri, a new SCM are waiting. [Image]

 ◇ ◇ ◇

Segment F (work in progress by Artimec)

Maya talks with Lina about her guard duties and discuss whether or not Lina would like to naturalize to Japan.

◇ ◇ ◇

Segment G “Pray the Shibva” – reserved for future tl

Tatsuya and Miyuki have a discussion with Asha about the Anti-magician movement, the fact that European countries want to put collars on magicians and that Asha wants to create another international organization, separate from the IMA that will protect magician’s rights.

◇ ◇ ◇

h)Tatsuya and Miyuki join Lina and Maya in their discussion. Maya asks Tatsuya to explain Astral Dispersion and it’s specifics.

◇ ◇ ◇

i)Kazama arrives at Iwo with the Australia prisoners and meets William McCloud. McCloud reads the letter from Saeki and says that he will agree to this treaty if Material Burst is never directed towards the UK.

◇ ◇ ◇

Segmeng G (reserved by mashingan)

Tatsuya, Miyuki and Maya arrive at Retsu’s funeral. Maya has a discussion with Kyouko about coming over to the Yotsuba Family.

◇ ◇ ◇

k)Hayama asks about Maya’s desire to recruit Kyouko.


July 15th.

The Coral arrives at the Hawaiian Islands, but the crew members aren’t allowed to disembark from the ship.

◇ ◇ ◇

July 16th

Tatsuya tells Lina and Miyuki that the ship carrying Minami has stopped.

◇ ◇ ◇

July 17th

Miyuki is at school when she receives the notice. Izumi and Erika are watching her.

◇ ◇ ◇

Miyuki and Lina arrive home. Tatsuya asks them to change into something nice for a meeting.

[Cover Image]

They meet Wyatt Curtis, a senator from Virginia and an official of the CIA. He is a relative to Benjamin Canopus. He requests that Tatsuya save Ben, as well as destroy any parasites he encounters. Wyatt will provide a ship for Tatsuya’s travel.

◇ ◇ ◇

July 18th

Saeki know that Curtis visited the Yotsuba Family. She plans to summon Tatsuya for a meeting in order to stop him from going to the USNA.

Chapter 4

a)USNA soldiers (non-parasite) storm the Coral. They are using new Crystal Bullets that are effective against parasites. They kill half of the crew and Minami had to use magic in order to protect Minoru from being shot. She collapses from overheating of the MCA and Minoru is distraught that he forced Minami to use magic when he promised she wouldn’t.

Segment B “ Tatsuya’s convo with Aoba and Yakumo” (jp-en translation from mashigan)

July 18, 20:55

Leaving Miyuki’s protection to Lina at home, Tatsuya headed to Kyuuchou temple alone.

It’s not a sudden visit. He called at 10:00 morning to ask Yakumo to act as a middleman to meet Todou Aoba. It’s just only a week after the both of them fought seriously, but Tatsuya just acted as usual as if nothing happened before. Afternoon, Tatsuya got a call from Yakumo to visit temple at 21:00.

He waited for five minutes inside a room after being guided by a disciple. At exactly 21:00, Yakumo brought Todou Aoba and he sat in the honorary-seat of the room.

“I am really sorry to have you come over today.”

“Enough of the pleasantries. Yotsuba Tatsuya, raise your face.”

Tatsuya just obediently looked up. Even though it’s in the middle of summer, Todou is wearing a high-class suit same as before when he met Tatsuya.

“Today you mentioned that you have something to request, no need to be reserved, let me hear it.”

“With your permission, I’ll continue. This is not related to the duty of being a deterrent that Your Excellency gave me before, but could Your Excellency arrange it so I can give up my position as Special Lieutenant in 101 Battalion legally.”

Tatsuya said that without reservation, saying his request directly.

Todou didn’t become angry, he distorted his lip and looked amused.

“I thought it would be about Wyatt Curtis’s request.”

“That case should be better discussed with our family Head.”


Todou kept looking to Tatsuya pleasantly.

“I have discussed it indeed. About the collaboration with Asha Chandrasekar too.

“You are well informed.”

Despite Todou’s provocation, Tatsuya nonchalantly let it slide.

“I accept.”

Todou too, didn’t think Tatsuya’s attitude is a problem.

“If thou[1] cannot use thy power freely, it’s a loss for national defense.”

Todou nodded and crossed his arms.

“I can make it so that you won’t be legally blamed.”

“May I request that of you?”

“I understand.”

Tatsuya prostrated and lowered his head to the tatami floor.

“But does thou have discord with Saeki?”

As he kept looking down at Tatsuya’s back, and asked that with ridicule.

“Her Excellency Saeki doesn’t like the fact that I’m hiding Angelina Kudou Shields at my house.”

Tatsuya answered as he raised his face.

“It’s not your family that’s hiding Angie Sirius, it’s you, right.”

“I am.”

Tatsuya didn’t use a rigid way to refer himself such as “this one” [自分] and used a formal first person “I” [私] when answered that.

“I believe she won’t be Angie Sirius anymore.”



Not only Todou, but Yakumo, who has been silent since the beginning, reacted too.

“You aren’t wishing it, but thinking it…?”

“Yes. My wish is irrelevant, it will become like that.”

“Haha. If it’s really like that, that will be nice.”

Yakumo is still laughing but Todou already regained a serious expression.

“Saeki still has lingering emotional feelings over the deceased Kudou. So it affects her.”

Tatsuya showed an unexpected surprise. He only thought that Saeki was thinking about loss’s and gains, but apparently, it’s not that shallow.

“But to have thy and Saeki’s connection severed, it will be better for this country. Thy power isn’t something that a military officer can directly authorize.

Tatsuya at this instance didn’t know how to reply and only lightly lowered his head.

“I understand your situation.”

As for Todou, Tatsuya’s gesture wasn’t a problem.

“As you requested before, leave the military formalities to me. If thou judges it to be necessary, use any means that thee feels necessary to protect this country.”

“Once more, I understand.”

Tatsuya prostrated again.

“You can accept Wyatt Curtis’s request. Even though you are known to politician and bureaucrat, but by helping Benjamin Loew’s prison break, it’s good chance to show your power. However, don’t obliterate Midway Prison. Over medication is as good as poison.”


Apparently Todou wanted a deterrent for USNA military action. Very likely he didn’t like the USNA attack on Miyakijima. Tatsuya answered that while he still prostrating low.

“The case for rescuing Sakurai Minami too, as long USNA doesn’t suffer great loss, you can do that too. Obliterating Pearl and Hermes base will be too much, but a carrier ship will be enough.”

“I understand well to operate as quietly as possible.”

Tatsuya raising his body while answering as such.

Todou without being roundabout, added a condition.

“Don’t bring back Kudou Minoru.”

“Is it fine to leave him alone?”

Todou and his compatriots seemed to have an allergy-like tendency to avoid inhumane entities, Tatsuya heard it from Yakumo that night. When he heard the condition, at first he thought he would have to annihilate the parasites too.

“No need. What happens in America shall be handled by Americans.”[25] 


— In other words, for Todou, as long the magical demonic thing is out of Japan, it’s good enough.

Tatsuya once again understood it.

Tatsuya felt it’s wasteful to lose Minoru’s power, but for him, rescuing Minami is his priority. The condition that Todou gave him wasn’t something he should have to refuse.

“As for going abroad too, I will arrange it. To go abroad secretly will only invite unnecessary suspicion, right?”

“… Thank you very much.”

For Todou to have been assertively cooperating this far, Tatsuya never expected that.

It’s indeed that if he had to leave the military, any illegal activities he does wouldn’t be waived anymore. In this very case, it’s going abroad secretly. But Tatsuya already resolved himself for that unavoidable risk.


Todou looked back and said something to Yakumo.

“Tatsuya-kun, take this.”

Yakumo moved to the front-side of Tatsuya, took a creme-wrapper indigo blue paper from his pocket.

Tatsuya took that wrapper, and looked at Yakumo with hint “May I open it?” using his eyes.

“You may open it.”

The one who answered is Todou.


The thing wrapped within was an approved passport for official travel.

The reason for approval is technological cooperation travel to the USNA. Tatsuya will be dispatched to the USNA temporarily as a Magic Engineer.

Against Tatsuya who couldn’t hide his surprise, Todou and Yakumo smiled satisfactorily.

“This is Yakumo’s idea. You can take it as a token of his apology for hindering you last time.”

“It’s not my intention to hinder you though, but well, that’s it.”

Whether it’s hindering or apologizing, whatever the detail and the reason, for Tatsuya this surely is a useful item.

Tatsuya lowered his head, grateful for what those two did.

Chapter 5

July 19th.

The USNA Stars parasites have a meeting after arriving in the Hawaiian naval base. They discuss Minoru and decide that he should become a part of their collective consciousness.

Segment B “Tatsuya vs 101 brigade” (Credit goes to : someone name Freak who live in his own zone..)

On the afternoon of July 19, Tatsuya visited the 101st brigade headquarters at Kasumigaura base, in response to a phone call that he just got.

Fujibayashi Kyouko called this morning at 9 am.

Both she and Tatsuya exchanged words with clerical/sincere tone, but Tatsuya’s attitude wasn’t necessarily cold as it used to be.

He hasn’t heard about Maya’s invitation to Kyouko yet, but he does know that they talked about changing places to talk after Kuudou Retsu’s funeral.

Tatsuya speculated that some kind of hand-off agreement was made about the obstruction case made by Fujibayashi Nagamasa.

But that is not the reason Tatsuya responded to Saeki’s summons.

He entered the brigade headquarters thinking that it was a good opportunity to clarify his position.

“Special officer, glad you made it.”

Tatsuya greeted her with a bow instead of salute to Admiral Saeki who welcomed Tatsuya with a smile

He is plain (uniformless) and doesn’t wear a hat/cap, so his action is not wrong.

Kazama, who was next to Saeki, is feeling uncomfortable regarding Tatsuya’s unconventional bow instead of a salute.


Perhaps even Saeki may have noticed that Tatsuya has shown a different attitude compared to before.

But she proceeds on the questioning as planned.

“Your Excellency Saeki. That position is relinquished as of now”

But Tatsuya was faster in starting the trigger.

“――What do you mean?”

In response to Saeki’s question, Tatsuya takes out a long envelope from the inner pocket of his summer jacket.

The envelope is placed at the desk and was written as “Notice of Retirement”.


Kazama feels a stronger sense of discomfort the way of a first-person view (I’m) being used by Tatsuya.

But he knows that was not the situation that worries him.

“As I’m not a regular soldier, a notification may not be necessary, that is what I meant.”

Saeki extinguishes her facial expression and looked at the retirement envelope and responded: “I could not accept this”.

“Your Excellency, that is not a ‘Retirement Request’ but a ‘Retirement Notification’.”

“In the first place, when I was being appointed as a Special Officer, there was no kind of existence in the number of years being in the military service. Therefore I’m free to leave at any time.”

“Even if it is like that “I hate my job, so I’m quitting now”. You think that kind of remarks can be passed on in our society!”

“Like that would become a generally accepted answer in our society”


Tatsuya refutes with a serious face toward Saeki who does not hide her irritation.

“I think it’s against the idea of society to force minors into military service?”


Tatsuya’s clever reasoning had a certain effect on Saeki.

“… Did you forget what kind of person you are? You are a strategic level magician. You are not allowed to leave the army without permission.”


“Why … the nation cannot let a strategic weapon/arms that is equal to destructive ability to run loose can they. I know I shouldn’t say this but aren’t you smarter than this?”

Saeki can no longer hide her irritation.

Tatsuya, on the other hand, was no longer hiding his cold expression.

“It’s not the nation that cannot let a strategic level magician run loose. It’s the government.

“What’s the difference”

“The government is concerned with owning weapons with their own hands. The nation places the importance on the use of the weapons for itself.”

“The government decides how to use it for the nation”.

“Normally that is how it is”

Tatsuya easily accepted Saeki’s words.

With reservation.

“At least, it is politicians, not soldiers, who get to decide how to use the strategic weapons.”

Saeki’s face becomes red slightly. It’s not reflecting shame, but anger.

“Are you trying to say that I am a military dictator who disregards civilian control of the military?”

“In general. In other general terms, military power does not belong to a single individual. Strategic magicians who have military power equivalent to strategic weapons are individuals that do not fit within the framework of general theory”

“Do you need to be treated specially?”

Saeki asks in a ridiculing tone.

“Not special. It’s unique.”

Tatsuya did not take the provocation.

Originally, his emotions do have an upper limit.

It’s like a curse for Tatsuya, but in this case, it acts as his weapon.

“General criteria don’t apply in a good direction or even bad directions. Generalism cannot be applied to the special existence of a strategic-class magician. Even if I don’t own myself, my magic can be used for national defense. Conversely, even if I’m being restrained, I won’t be using my magic for the nation. Don’t forget the fact that brainwashing hurts magic ability”.

Tatsuya concludes with a few words with an ironic tone.

“… If a strategic-class magician used that power, then anyone other than the government would be responsible for the outcome. Shiba Tatsuya, you have already point your strategy-level magic on the territory of another country. Do you want to cut the ties with the defense army and take responsibility for that great destruction by yourself?”

“At the time of October 31st, 2095 AD, I was a special officer, and at that time I attacked the GAU fleet under the command of the Defence Force. I don’t think that I have to say this to the wise Admiral Saeki that ignoring the time series would just be an excuse”

Saeki herself knew that it was a painful matter, without Tatsuya pointing out.

“It’s not about the past but the matter that comes after this!”

Her speech line has become a little ambiguous.

Saeki immediately realized that she was short of words and continued to refute it quickly before being pointed out by Tatsuya.

“Earlier you mentioned[26]  that you would use the strategic magic for the nation even if you didn’t belong to the government? The responsibility towards those kinds of results is bared by individuals.”

“Your Excellency, the order is reversed. When using Strategic Magic – Material Burst for the nation, the nation uses it only after ensuring that the government is responsible for it. I’m not such a good-natured person that I am personally responsible on behalf of the nation.”

Saeki glares at Tatsuya.

Just glaring, with no words to argue with Tatsuya from her mouth.

If there was a trial of argument/debate here, she must have declared Tatsuya’s victory.

“Until now and during around these 5 years, thank you for taking care of me”

Tatsuya did not come here to win an argument against Saeki.

Honestly speaking, the verbal dispute they had just now unnecessary work for him.

It was unnecessary if Saeki obediently received the Notice of Retirement.

Of course, Tatsuya admits that even he didn’t think that Saeki would smile when he left the army.

“Lieutenant Colonel Kazama, restrain Ooguro Special Officer.”

Saeki gives orders to Kazama just like what Tatsuya predicted.

Tatsuya thought that Saeki would do this from the very beginning.


Kazama was not the first person to respond to Saeki’s orders.

Major Yanagi asks his direct supervisor who won’t move.

「――Yanagi, do it」

At the command of Kazama, Major Yanagi and his subordinate —- soldiers and officers moved.

In a small room.

Flashy magic cannot be used.

No, Tatsuya had the option of destroying this room and escaping.

But Yanagi and other members of the Independent Magic Battalion can’t be afraid of the possibility of damaging the oval office of the Supreme Commander of the brigade they belong to and involving Admiral Saeki into the entanglement.

They only attacked Tatsuya with the magic to control one’s own body and the magic that strike by physical contact.

The number of soldiers is four, including Yanagi.

Kazama hasn’t moved yet.

The first hit comes from Yanagi.

Rush in with right foot and sticking/pushing out his right hand.

Tatsuya received Yanagi’s hand, who extended more than one fist from the usual battle form towards the solar plexus, with his left palm.


Yanagi’s right fist pushes Tatsuya’s left hand.

The force is precisely directed to Tatsuya’s center of gravity axis and cannot be deflected to the right or left.

Tatsuya puts his power in his left hand so that it doesn’t get pushed to his stomach.

Tatsuya and Yanagi stopped moving with their right fist and left hand pressed together.

Yanagi’s subordinates started to attack from there.

Using movement magic, Tatsuya retreats while maintaining his posture.

Yanagi steps in with his left foot and then sticks out his left hand.

Tatsuya did not seek out Yanagi palm thrust.

He received it using his body without blocking.

Yanagi’s left palm penetrate Tatsuya’s right flank.

Yanagi knitted his eyebrows because of the feeling that came from his palm.

The feel of ribs breaking.

Yanagi’s palm thrust gave a fracture to Tatsuya.

Yanagi didn’t expect his attack to be so easy.

Because of that, Yanagi’s reaction is delayed.

A standstill/delay, even if it’s for a moment is equal to a small amount of time.

But in less than half a second, Tatsuya’s right-hand captures Yanagi’s face.

Didn’t manage to get into his waist, only his palm hand sends out one after another.


That one blow that should be restrained, stagger Yanagi and push him onto one knee.


Seed/Tane is movement magic by “Flash Cast”.

Tatsuya moved his right hand using magic and caused Yanagi to take a blow.

This is a partial imitation of the magic “Self-Marionette” that Tomitsuka Hagane is good at.

Tatsuya, who cannot completely imitate “Self-Marionette”, is reproduced only for his right arm.

As soon as Yanagi’s right hand left him, Tatsuya had no broken bones.

Self-healing through “Regrowth”.

Tatsuya, who has extinguished the damage, steps in to follow an attack on Yanagi who is fleeing.

But he had to suspend the pursuit.

Yanagi’s subordinate, the three soldiers attacked Tatsuya from three directions at once.

Even the Independent Battalion combat fighting ability is specially trained by Major Yanagi.

In three-on-one, even Tatsuya is also at a disadvantage.

Before being surrounded, Tatsuya took a huge leap and landed in front of the door.

Tatsuya’s back stands at the exit and entrance of the commander’s room door.

“Don’t let him escape!”

Yanagi, who recovered from the damage, shouts to his subordinates and stands up and firmly press his feet against the floor.

Saeki operated the desk console. Probably to lock the door remotely.

The outside appearance of the door is seen to be made of wood, but it’s made of a special steel plate decorated with wooden panels.

Tatsuya did not touch the doorknob.

Yanagi who draws near personally charges in.

Yanagi’s right hand is allocated to Tatsuya’s chest.

Tatsuya’s right hand is allocated to Yanagi’s chest.

Like a mirror reflecting, but not, like a 3-dimensional image projected at the same time as filming, they launched the same attack from the same position.

A vibration wave is sent from the palm to the opponent’s heart.

It’s a fighting martial art that uses oscillation magic.

Power-wise, Yanagi won.

However, there is no big difference in its effect.

Both of them fold their knees.

Yanagi struck both knees on the floor and Tatsuya regained his position without collapsing.

With Regrowth, the damage has become nonexistent.

Putting his left hand also with both his knee on the floor, Yanagi holds his chest with his right hand and soaks sweat on his forehead, Tatsuya slips through Yanagi’s subordinate at the side where their eyes are wide open and petrified and goes to the back of the room.

Going toward Saeki’s desk.

Tatsuya’s view is blocked.

Someone stood in front of him.

Tatsuya didn’t know when Kazama moved.

Tatsuya chose to move forward, not stop.

Crossing over Kazama.

Tatsuya’s body flew in the air.

Tatsuya was thrown violently against Saeki’s desk.

Not at the desk tabletop, but collide at the front part of the desk, and Tatsuya body roll on the floor.

Kazama did not look back.

Tatsuya turned toward Kazama and stood up as if nothing had happened.

“Cut meat and cut off the bone, is it”

<TN: Japanese saying being prepared to hurt yourself and giving a big blow to your opponent.>

Towards Kazama word, “No, it’s a simultaneous strike against one another. However, I have a way to erase the damage. That is the difference.”

Tatsuya responds with a tone that conveys only the facts.

Looking at it closely, Kazama’s legs are trembling.

He supported his body that was about to fall.

At the moment when Tatsuya is being thrown, he sends an oscillation wave at the captured arm.

This oscillation magic is much more powerful than what Yanagi was being poured on.

Even if it’s Flash Cast, it can’t be finished in an instant.

If it’s being done, the leeway time in the art of falling (Ukemi) would have been lost.


It was possible because of the self-healing ability that works automatically.

Tatsuya looks back and reaches Saeki.

Saeki immediately put her hand in the drawer to grab the hidden pistol.

Tatsuya’s hand reaches the desk console.

Saeki stiffens at the unexpected (action).

After unlocking the door, Tatsuya turns around.

“Winning against the master[27] shisho wasn’t a fluke then”

Kazama talked to Tatsuya’s back heading toward the door.

“That was my loss. I still can’t beat the mastershisho.”

Tatsuya responds, passing by Yanagi side.

Yanagi did not move.

No, couldn’t move.

Tatsuya leaves the command room.

As soon as the door closes, Kazama fall on one knee, two of his subordinates rushed to him and one to Yanagi.

About two minutes after Tatsuya left.

Kazama stood up after able to breathe properly.

“Take Major Yanagi to the Medical Office”


Yanagi obediently borrows the soldier shoulders and leaves the command room.

“You can also step down/back.”


Kazama also told the remaining non-commission officer to step down/back.

The remaining person in the commander’s room is now Saeki and Kazama alone.

“… Lieutenant Colonel, you weren’t serious?”

Saeki condemns Kazama in the form of a question.

“I pull no punches”

Kazama did not deny that he was not serious.

The opponent didn’t kill, destroy the building nor the furniture.

Under these conditions, you can’t get serious.

It’s the same with Yanagi and Tatsuya.

Under the same conditions as the opponent, Kazama tried to seize Tatsuya with his full power within the allowable perimeter.

The result is a total defeat.

By saying that “I couldn’t get serious” is a poor loser excuse, and for Kazama, this is disgraceful and shameful behavior.

It is also true that he could not fulfill the order at the same time. He had no excuse against his superior accusation.

“… It can’t be helped if he escaped. It’s impossible to get an arrest warrant, so we will strengthen surveillance so that only the smuggled countries will be blocked.”

Saeki also knows that blaming Kazama is foolish.

She gave an order/instruction, so she let this matter unanswered.

“Thank you very much. By the way, Your Excellency, what will you do about this?”

What Kazama put on the desk was a “Notice of Retirement” that had fallen to the floor due to Tatsuya colliding impact against the desk.

Saeki picked up the envelope and silently threw it into the shredder beside the desk.

“Are you sure?”

“The person itself said it. He is not a regular officer. Originally, there was no formal appointment at the National Defence Force, therefore the “Notice of Retirement” itself is meaningless”

“Then you will ignore Tatsuya relinquishing his officer status?”

“No. The registration of” Ooguro Ryuuya Special Officer” based on the Special Rules will be canceled as of today.”

Saeki’s decision was unexpected for Kazama. He was about to use the same phrase as “Is it all right?” to ascertain his superior officer intention.

“A soldier without loyalty is only harmful. If he says he doesn’t need military backing, then let him do what he wants”

Saeki’s speech line was not out of consideration for Tatsuya. Her voice seemed to be trembling with anger.


Minoru is visiting Minami in a hospital bed. He is then mentally attacked by the parasites, but he overcomes the attack.

◇ ◇ ◇

The Stars parasites realize that the attack failed. They decide to watch Minami closely because they know how much she means to Minoru.

◇ ◇ ◇

Narrative: About Minoru and how he overcame the mental attack and turned it on one of the USNA parasites.

◇ ◇ ◇

Spica realizes that Minoru is fighting back with mental interference attack.


July 20th.

Tatsuya tells Lina and Miyuki that he will be leaving today to go rescue Ben and Minami.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya boards a transport vessel that is supposed to take him out to the Matthew C Perry ship that is going to take him to the USNA. The Japanese coast guard tries to prevent them from leaving when they are struck by Phonon Maser from a helicopter.


Magicians from the Yotsuba Family including Kanata board the damaged ship.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya’s incident is broadcasted all over the news. Miyuki was seen and recorded crying over the injured Tatsuya in the ICU.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya is geared up in his Freed Suit. The attack on his transportation ship was staged. He meets up with Miyuki and Lina. Although it was staged Tatsuya still allowed himself to be injured, Lina complained that Miyuki was still upset about it.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya flies the new Air Car, that looks like an SUV, to the Matthew C Perry. There he meets Katsushige with a team of Yotsuba magicians, who are there to back-up Tatsuya in the case that something goes wrong in the USNA.

◇ ◇ ◇

It is reported to Maya that Tatsuya has arrived safely. Maya asks about Saeki’s movements.


July 21st.

Narrative: Summer vacation is coming up for students of Magic High School. Even though Miyuki should be prepping for the NSC, with it being cancelled, and with Tatsuya in the ICU. She will be staying on Miyaki Island.

◇ ◇ ◇

Honoka calls Miyuki and asks if it is okay for her and their friends to come see Tatsuya. They don’t know this attack was staged.

◇ ◇ ◇

Liu is staying at the Ichijou residence. Saeki arrives at the Ichijou residence and talks with Gouki about her plan to propose a treaty to tightly restrict the usage of SCM. Gouki calls for Masaki and Liu and they both agree to the treaty as long as they are allowed to attend school/university.

[Colored Image]

◇ ◇ ◇

Liu and Akane have girl talk. Liu admits to liking Masaki, and Akane gives her some advice.

◇ ◇ ◇

Saeki is happy with the outcome of her visit. She wonders about the difference between Tatsuya and Masaki.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kyouko visits her father at the hospital. She meets Yuuka there and asks for her cooperation to expose the misdeeds of Saeki and the military. Her father says that they should obey the strong and agrees with Yuuka. Kyouko agrees to testify about two things, one is allowing the GAU into the country to assassinate Liu. Second is the military funding and the Kudou Family’s involvement in the parasite doll experiment.

◇ ◇ ◇

Mayumi calls Miyuki to ask about Tatsuya. She asks if it is okay to come visit Tatsuya. Miyuki asks Maya for permission and Maya doesn’t mind if the Saegusa Family knows about the staged attack.

◇ ◇ ◇

Saeki talks to Kazama about Tatsuya’s staged attack. Kazama asks if Saeki dropped information to the Information Department about Tatsuya’s abilities. But she doesn’t answer.


July 22nd.

Tatsuya’s friends and Mayumi arrive at Miyaki Island. Miyuki informs them of the staged attack.

◇ ◇ ◇

The media along with other foreign agencies are trying to get access to Tatsuya on Miyaki Island in order to get information about his condition.

◇ ◇ ◇

Miyuki and Lina can tell that there are military agents trying to get more information about Tatsuya’s condition.


Chapter 9

a)Tatsuya talks with Curtis before leaving to Midway.

Segment B “Save some kill some disable some” (credit goes to: Freakazone)

Midway Archipelago

Even if the nuclear power submarine aircraft carrier “Virginia” is placed on standby, Tatsuya did not sortie for a while.

This is a planned action.

Tatsuya departs at 7:30 pm on July 22nd, local time.

The aircar that Tatsuya piloted soar to the sky immediately after sunset.

Midway Island is not a single island, but an atoll formed from Sand Island, Eastern Island, and several small islands. It might be more accurate to call it Midway Archipelago.

The Midway Prison is a large-scale facility that uses almost half of among this Eastern Sand Island.

Tatsuya caught the site of the facility with his naked eye, just after his launch.

There is no anti-aircraft fire.

(The stealth system seems to be performing as it’s designed)

The new model aircar biggest improvement is this stealth function.

By saving the magic sequence of cognitive inhibition ・detection interference to the artificial relic used in the stellar furnace, it deploys advanced stealth magic around the car frame and its surroundings without depending on the driver’s magic ability.

Currently, the maximum duration it can hold out is half a day.

When the cumulative operating time reaches 12 hours, 12 hours of cooldown are required before reuse, but the time limit will reset if an interval of 12 hours or more is set before the operating limit time is reached.

Its performance is sufficient for the mission this time.

Tatsuya landed the aircar on the northwest coast of Sand Island.

From there, he heads to the prison facility with the flight-armored suit called “Freed Suit”.

Freed Suit also has high stealth performance, but not as much as the new model aircar that uses artificial relics.

A loud alarm echoes after he tried to cross the high fence surrounding the prison site.

The gun turret installed on the prison roof rotated.

Tatsuya heard from Mitsuya-kei that the only weapons installed at the Midway Prison are Fleming Launcher and Interpersonal Firearms.

But right now the gun muzzle is rotating to aim at Tatsuya …

(Pulse Laser Cannon!)

It doesn’t fall within the interpersonal category, it’s an anti-aircraft laser cannon.

There was no room to think about whether he’s been deceived.

Magic was invoked at the same time when he recognizes its true form.

Just before the pulse laser cannon aim is fixed at Tatsuya, the gun turret lost its silhouette together with electric illumination where it was broken and scattered.

Tatsuya’s decomposition magic “Mist Dispersion” decompose the pulse laser cannon gun barrel and its pedestal to the chemical element level.

Electric illumination, the electric current supplied for the laser emission lost its place to go, and inside the metallic element of gas has gone wild in a disorderly manner.

(That was dangerous…..)

The bulletproof function of the Freed Suit is only for mass bullets and it does not have heat resistance to withstand high energy lasers.

Depending on the aiming speed and rapid-fire of the laser cannon, there was also a risk of falling into an infinite loop where the body was shot out at the same time as “Regrowth”.

The infinite loop of being hit and self-repair is the most alarming situation for Tatsuya who could have done it without any physical wound. (!!!)


If he continuously using “Regrowth”, the magic calculation area will eventually be unable to withstand the continuous activation and cause it to overheat.

Or rather, “Regrowth” fails to invoke.

Even if it does happen about dozens of times, but there is a high possibility that it will happen if it happens hundreds of times in a short time.

It was one of the few strategies for breaking Tatsuya’s immortality.

The sense of crisis sharpens Tatsuya’s perception even more.

Information on all anti-aircraft and anti-personnel weapons placed on the rooftop, walls, and the vast site was instantly and simultaneously displayed in his “visual field”.

(Invoke “Mist Dispersion”)

The “Mist Dispersion” just now is reflecting his power invocation.

This time, borrowing the help of CAD built-in the suit, he will “decompose” twelve guns platform emplacement at the same time.

These included anti-aircraft turrets that had been in a blind spot from Tatsuya’s current position, and automatic turrets that had been stored underground.

Intercepting weapons installed in the Midway Prison, including the anti-surface warfare Fleming Launcher, disappeared without a trace after using five consecutive decomposition magic.

Above the Midway Prison where intercepting weapons were lost, Tatsuya searched for the building where Canopus was imprisoned with his “eye”.

Benjamin Canopus’s information was obtained in February of this year when he was interrupted in capturing Jiedo Heigu.

As expected, it is impossible to find the location of the other party who he only came in contact once, half-way across the Pacific Ocean.

But, It was not difficult for Tatsuya to find him out if If he knew he is in this site of the island.

Roughly within one kilometer on the surrounding site, there are ten sturdy buildings which can be seen at a glance because of the low-rise view.

(The prison is one among these five large building. One is a management office, two are residences for staff and soldiers, one is an armory, and one is a training facility. Could be either of them.)

The information about the other party that he wanted, which is Canopus, was found at the center of the site.

Located in a room on the south end of the third floor on a three-story building.

Furthermore, Tatsuya inspected the information inside the building.

There are ten armed soldiers separated in a place of short distance away from Canopus.

This would be the prison guard.

It is not known if they gathered to guard Canopus or stopping him from jailbreaking.

Canopus was the sole prisoner on the same floor.

Eight people are imprisoned on the second and third floors.

Of course, all of them is a man and a magician.


(It’s kind of obvious but, is my invasion known? They will be on their guard if I came from the roof right)

There will also be an attack from the first floor by the back.

But for now, time is precious.

This is not the only place that he has his mission on.

Rather, the crucial moment is at Pearl and Hermes base.

Tatsuya decided to attack from the top as the guards expected.

The gunpoint is directed to Tatsuya who got down and stand on the rooftop.

Is the short barrel PDW? (Personal Defense Weapon)

As a soldier guarding the building, it is an obvious choice to give priority to handling/maneuverability over might/power.

However, there is no point if you are dealing with an opponent such as Tatsuya, even if the power is a little bit high.

Faster than the bullets could be fired, the guns themselves fell apart and scattered on the roof floor.

The two soldiers stiffened at this unexpected situation but immediately reached their hand to the hip holster.

However, even faster than them, Tatsuya pulled the handgun-shaped CAD from his waist and aimed at the soldier.

Silver Horn Custom “Trident”.

As soon as Tatsuya pulls the trigger, a hole opens at the joint of both their hands and feet.

The soldiers mutter their scream, facing upward, lying face downward, and fall in different directions.

He used “Trident” instead of the built-in suite CAD because he was conscious/wary of surveillance cameras.

The wounds that neutralize the soldiers look like traces of invisible bullets passing through.

To make the impression that the magic of the black intruder who conceals his face is easily relatable with the image of an “invisible bullet”, Tatsuya used a handgun-shaped CAD.

A handgun is picked up from the soldier who lost his consciousness, and Tatsuya goes through the door of the stairwell which leads to the indoor.

There was no ambush on the way down from the roof to the third floor.

Shortly after stepping down from the rooftop to the first floor, Tatsuya crouched down and put his left hand in front of his face accordance to his perception of 5 senses, a crisis which is perceived by instinct──not “elemental eye”.

The force field of phenomenon modification expanded out in his palm decompose the bullets that flew from the front wall.

If you look at it from a surface phenomenon, it’s a ricocheting, but there was no sound that the bullet rebounded back.

However, Tatsuya did not learn by heart to be surprised nor dubious. (!!!)


At the same time he decomposes the bullet, he read and understand the nature of the enemy magic.

The bullet was covered with a reflective force field that was the same size as a bullet.

It’s a magic that reacts only to a particular substance and gives the property of repelling like a rubber ball.

The configured reaction conditions are plasterboard used for walls and ceilings.

The bullet bounces with a sharp sound just right next to Tatsuya who lowered himself to one knee.

Without putting any gaps, this time it landed one step below where he was.

It seems that the aim relies on chance to some extent.

Does this mean that the first shot a fluke?

The fourth bullet did not leap out.

Tatsuya didn’t let him shoot.

A surprise voice can be heard downstairs, and PDW parts are scattered on the floor.

Needless to say.

It was Tatsuya handiwork.

Tatsuya, who confirmed with his ear that the enemy is temporarily incapacitated, he ran down the stairs all at once.

The enemy soldiers are already holding a handgun.

It may be natural for a soldier not to stand still and remain dumbfounded, but this certainly shows that he is certainly well trained.

Nevertheless, he still has yet to reach the aiming phase.

Tatsuya pulls the “Trident” trigger.

A hole opened in the hands and feet of the three men at the front row who were trying to hold a handgun.

A wound that cuts off a nerve can be recovered with modern medicine, but it needs to be treated in a hospital, and first aid treatment cannot make the hand and feet move.

Even before that, it is not possible to maintain conscious due to the severe pain where the nerve is decomposed.

Even if you manage to avoid fainting, you won’t be able to maintain in thinking very clearly.

Regardless of a colleague who lost their fighting power, two soldiers in the second row pointed a cylinder that looks like a large size flashlight to Tatsuya.

Tatsuya recognized the exposure of Psion wave that was directed at him.

(Psion wave noise that obstructs in the reading of activation sequence output from CAD)

Not solely by feeling it, he understood what it was.

(Anti-magician equipment that mimics the properties of Antinite. However, the performance itself is lower than Antinite.)

Tatsuya invokes decomposition magic without using CAD, and erase out the Psion noise.

Almost at no time at all, he pulls the Trident trigger.

Not only the two people who pour Tatsuya with Psion wave using the anti-magic equipment ・cast jam but also the remaining three guards spurt out blood from their hand and feet.

There was no one else standing in front of Tatsuya.

Just to make sure, he scans the entire body of all guards with his “eye” and disables all their small firearms and bombs with decomposition magic.

Then Tatsuya tore off the room lock where Canopus is imprisoned with magic.

Right arm Trident is stored back in the holster.

In his left hand, he still has the stolen handgun.

Tatsuya did not enter the room, he just opens the outer door with his hand.

Just like that, 10-second pass by.

From the corner of the room, which had become a blind spot from the entrance, a tall figure walked out and faces Tatsuya.

The beard is shaved completely, and the chestnut color hair is neatly combed.

Inside the Hazel pupil, there was no sign of exhaustion.

The word prisoner where it’s reminded with ‘shabby’ is non-existent.

“Major Benjamin Canopus correct?”

The person in question understood.

This is like a chance to start up a conversation.

“Correct. You are?”

“I receive a request from Senator Wyatt Curtis.”

“From Grand?”

Tatsuya was confused by Canopus word for a moment because he could not understand it’s meaning, but he decided to interpret it as “Grand Uncle”.

──Perhaps it is an honorary title used within the family, but it was enough for Tatsuya to point it to Wyatt Curtis.

“I’m told to hold on to this”

Tatsuya present Canopus with the ring he had to hold on to through Captain Virginia.

Canopus stared at the emblem finely engraved on the stand ring for a few seconds and put it on his left pinky finger.

“Certainly this is…”

Canopus gave a tiny nod.

The ring seemed to be enough proof of being a messenger.

“The request that I receive is to jailbreak you out of here”


Canopus didn’t ask about Tatsuya’s identity and motive.

It seems Wyatt Curtis’s instructions to Canopus cannot be defied, was what Tatsuya thought.


“If it’s all the same to you, could we bring along my captured subordinate together with me?”

In return for not refusing, is not something that he means to say, but Canopus speak out and stop his leg.

“Roger that. Do you know the place where they are imprisoned in?”

“I do. I’ll guide you”

“Please do. Take this”

Nodding to Canopus’s offer, Tatsuya gives him a handgun that he picked up on the roof.

“……Are you sure?”

“It can’t replace an armed device, but just in case, it’s for self-protection”

Canopus favorite armed devices are those that combine Japanese sword-type with a CAD.

He lightly knitted his eyebrows on Tatsuya’s words. Perhaps because he was wary that his fighting style got known.

“This helps”

However, responding to words from his mouth, Canopus headed to the stairs.

Canopus and Tatsuya headed to a separate prison building around two hundred meters away.

No attack was received on the way.

Canopus face looked surprised when he saw the pinpointed automatic gun emplacement being destroyed, but it was not visible to Tatsuya who followed from behind.

The size of the building is almost the same as the one where Canopus was imprisoned, but the number of rooms is numerous.

The building where Canopus was taken prisoner is for official use of high-class officer, and this one seems to be for a prisoner of a lower grade.

There is a trend where sometime Canopus movement is looking around between proceeding to the corridor and climbing up the stairs.

He stopped in front of the middle door on the second floor.

“Right here”

Silently nodding to Canopus word, Tatsuya pulls out a knuckle guard and a battle knife.

In the middle of swinging down, a force field of decomposition magic is formed on the blade edge.

The knife cut the door lock without any resistance.

“Molecule Divider? No…..”

Not responding to Canopus muttering, Tatsuya opens the door which has a strong image of a guardhouse rather than a prison.

Canopus carefully enter the room next to Tatsuya who is holding out the door.



However, Canopus tension loosened after hearing the voice from the back of the room.

A slender young man with red hair walks up quickly to him.

It is the figure of Ralph Algol, who reports directly to the first commander of the Stars, Canopus.

Canopus also slowly approaches the young man.

Just before taking another step, Canopus stop his feet and put out his right hand forward for a handshake.

However, the young man suddenly stamps his feet on the floor and slips through Canopus side.

With a knife in his hand, he tries to attack Tatsuya.

However, just shortly after he started rushing in, this young man form called Ralph Algol was exposed to a violent stream of Psion.

The young man appearance change.

The red hair and slender body are just as it was before, but it was another person’s face.

“Gram Demolition?”

Canopus’s voice was muttering this out loud.


The effect of the demolition sequence that Tatsuya fired didn’t just stop at removing the disguise magic of a middle-aged man who couldn’t be called a youth man now.

The manner of walking and posture of this man has become unsteady.

To the man who had lost his body function by being bathed in psion’s torrent, Tatsuya stuck out his right hand with a knife.

It’s the knuckle guard titanium alloy rather than the blade special steel that gouge out the man’s belly.

Taking a blow to the solar plexus, the man eye becomes white and crumble down to the floor.

“This guy, he’s a member of ‘Coalsack’….”

Canopus turn over the body and looks down on the man’s face, having a wry face by telling his identity.

The voice reached Tatsuya, but he didn’t ask Canops to further explain about Coalsack.

The situation did not allow it.

A fist-sized object is thrown from the door that has been left wide open.

“A hand-grenade!?”

Canopus scream match with Tatsuya’s knowledge.

Canopus knock down the table and lie down on the other side.

Tatsuya threw back the hand-grenade by magic.

It is in such a situation where the magic invoked in the artificial magic calculation area + flash cast compensates for the lack of power and demonstrate sufficient activation speed.


But the enemy was also stubborn.

The hand-grenade thrown back by Tatsuya rebounds back at the entrance and return to the room.

The door is not closed.

There was a barrier spread out along the entrance

Tatsuya activates flight magic.

The explosive power relies on inverse proportion of a cube distance. (!!!)


The purpose of lying down on the floor is to avoid any direct hits of a scattered object, but if you think from the point of view about the distance from the explosion point, it is much further to stick on to the ceiling rather than to lie down on the floor based on the hand-grenade distance lying on the floor.

Moreover, flight magic has a fixed sequence where it includes an air cocoon surrounding the body to reduce the resistance during flying.

The air cocoon is strong enough to withstand relative headwinds of several hundred kilometers.

If it is about the size of a small bomb, it can be expected to be effective like a shield.

However, Tatsuya’s cleverness was not very useful in this case.

The hand-grenade burst explode.

The blast was not that big of a deal.

It was not fragment that scattered vigorously, it was a cloud of black smoke.

(Smokescreen grenade)

Tatsuya cut off the flight magic and jumped down to the floor.

If the enemy aims to block your line of sight, the state of sticking on the ceiling is a good target.

The smoke analysis results are displayed on the helmet visor.


──No paralysis component──

──No tear-inducing component──

─ some damage to the respiratory organ and cornea──

(In other words, it’s simply a smokescreen that robs the view?)

Tatsuya noticed the disappearance of the shield that had blocked the entrance.

The visual field reflected on the helmet visor automatically switches to infrared mode.

Nevertheless, no human figure invades the room.

However, Tatsuya’s “eye” captured the “form” of a man rushing without sound.

Reconstructed back from the information data, the figure wears a stealth suit that matches with infrared emission to the outside temperature and uses ultrasound to secure visibility.

He is not wearing ultrasound visualization goggles, so it’s probably this guy special skill.

In the end, it’s a ‘batman’ is it?

Anyway, if you point the blade, then I’ll just have to counterattack.

Tatsuya repels the enemy blade with the knuckle guard on his right hand and grabs the opponent’s forehead with his left hand.

In that current state, he invokes oscillation magic.

An oscillation wave is sent from the left palm.

It is an oscillation wave created by an artificial magic calculation area that cannot deliver high power.

It won’t become a fatal wound.

However, it was strong enough to cause a concussion.

The ‘Batman’ collapses from his knee.

The way he falls was strange, but even if he bangs his head, Tatsuya couldn’t care less.

In the first place, he doesn’t have time to spare.

The next enemy is approaching from the other side of the fallen man.

It wasn’t just one or two people.

8 people in total

(Is this my limit)

Tatsuya has fought so far without killing the guards.

He was requested to jailbreak Canopus and obliterated the parasites.

Killing non-parasite American soldiers are not included.

He didn’t remember killing is to be avoided, but Tatsuya does not like to produce any kind of grudge that isn’t necessary.

But it didn’t take precedence over accomplishing his mission.

Cannonballs are thrown into from outside.

That iron ball used for athletics attacked Tatsuya not by a curve but in a straight line.

Around 200 km/h. There is no indication magic is behind it.

It seems to have been accelerated by magic only at the time of injection.

A card with curve trajectory approaches.

At first glance, it’s just simply made of plastic, but the sharp edges are coated with high-strength resin.

There is no magic at work on this side too.


It is likely to have started shooting it by adjusting the speed, angle, and the rotation speed of the card by magic so that the trajectory which curves applied to the card intersects the target.

Both attacks have been designed to avoid magical detection.

Tatsuya “decompose” the ball, card, and shot the hearts of all eight assailants.

He throws the knife down to the murderous intent that moved under his feet.

Despite having a concussion, ‘batman’ was trying to release a spring-like dart to Tatsuya, where he finally stopped breathing due to his throat is pierced through.

There is no movement from the red-haired man who was defeated first.

Somehow or the other, the battle seems to have settled down.

Tatsuya discharged the smokescreen hovering in the room into the hallway by raising the light airflow.

“Coalsack is annihilated without being able to attack normally……”

Canopus that stood up on the other side of the thrown down table mutter in a tone that could not hide his surprise.

“Is Coalsack the name of the team?”

Driven by his doubt, Tatsuya asks Canopus.

“That’s right. Illegal MAP – Coalsack Squad. It’s one of the best illegal assassination units in the States but….”

Canopus was not praising, but facing Tatsuya with eyes of a person being on guard.

“Assassins are a threat only by their surprise attack, right? 」

Not being afraid of assassins who attack from the front is what Tatsuya says, but this is neither humble nor proud. It was a line that is close to keeping up mutual conversations.

“More importantly, is Coalsack squad consists of a total of ten people?”

This is all that Tatsuya wanted to inquire.

In other words, he was wondering if there were any enemies left.

“Y, Yes, Illegal MAP has another squad called “Cone Nebula “, which is apprehended here specializes in honey traps. They won’t come out at this kind of situation.”

“Roger that”

Tatsuya scans the room using ‘Elemental Sight’.

It was to confirm the existence of any traps or ambush, but he found something else.

“Major. There is someone is tied under the bed. Isn’t he’s your comrade?”

Canopus hurriedly goes to the bed and looks under it.


A red-haired youth named Ralph Algol was pulled out. There was a smell of medicine and no sign of him waking up when being shaken.

When Canopus unfasten Algol’s ban, Canopus holds both Algol’s leg with his left arm, put Algol’s upper body is on his back, and carried Algol on his left shoulder.

“There seems to be no harm to life, isn’t it best to leave him? “

“No, I’m taking him”

Canopus didn’t lend an ear to Tatsuya’s advice.

As for Tatsuya, he goes no further than “I’m just saying”.

He did not try to persuade Canopus.

“Your subordinate that you wanted to bring along is only one person?”

Instead, Tatsuya asked.

“Sorry. There is one more person”

“Understood. Let’s hurry”

Canopus nodded to Tatsuya’s words and started running while carrying Algol.

From the building where only women were accommodating, there was no particular resistance and Lieutenant Ariana Lee Shaula was freed.

Unlike Lieutenant Algol, Lieutenant Shaula was not restrained nor being put to sleep.

On the contrary, Tatsuya suspects this is a trap.

However, trap or no trap, what he will do is still the same.


“Let’s steal a car. Any ideas?”

There is a little bit of distance to the place where the aircar is parked.

Although it’s not like it can’t fly carrying three people, however, the mobility will greatly decline.

Algol has yet to regain consciousness and it’s unclear how much Canopus and Shaula can protect themselves from any shooting without CAD.

He wanted to avoid escaping with the flight function on the Freed Suit if possible.

“There is a general-purpose vehicle in front of the armory.”

It was Shaula who answered Tatsuya’s question.

“I’ve seen it from my solitary cell. This way”

Anticipating the answer to the question “how did you know”, Shaula leads the way.

“Wait. Instruct from behind”

But Tatsuya calls her to halt and pass her rear.

Shaula face shows confusion.

She didn’t understand the meaning of exposing one’s back to their first meeting.

She asks Canopus with her eyes “what’s the meaning of this?”

But Canopus just shakes his head and doesn’t answer.

Canopus is aware of Tatsuya’s true identity.

Tatsuya’s information was carved to his memory as a first-class target to watch out.

So, more than Shaula, he could not understand the lack of caution that Tatsuya just showed.

If that’s the case, it’s simply saying Tatsuya can “‘see’ at the back too.

There is a guard in front of the armory.

Approximately 50 people.

It is equivalent to one platoon.

Usually too much for security.

Probably lie in waiting for Tatsuya and the others.

‘Seeing’ the area, there was a mix of very powerful magicians.

The building blocks the line of physical sight to go through.

However, not only Tatsuya but the other party also seems to have noticed.

The soldiers of one platoon point the muzzle forward all at once.

Weapons that were in position is arms devices.

The startup sequence deployed is the movement-type magic “Bend Trajectories”.

Only bending the trajectory of a flying object once, or known as bending magic.

Its main use is to shoot enemies hidden behind shields.

Tatsuya draws out ‘Trident’ and pulls the trigger.

Tatsuya’s magic was invoked at the same time the bullet is fired from the guard armed device.

The guard’s bullet went straight without bending.

This is the result of Tatsuya’s firing ‘Gram Dispersion’ targeting the magic sequence of ‘Bend Trajectories’ activated within an area of 100 meters ahead of him.

Due to the nature of the armed device, there is no full-auto shooting.

No matter how much CAD is automated, the magician processor utilization cannot keep up.

All bullets fired in a three-point burst goes straight, that is, disappear in the direction of the day after tomorrow, and the guards try to launch the activation sequence again.

<TN: 明後日の方向, if you read it, it’s just as it said. “Direction of the day after tomorrow”. Quite hard to hear it in Japanese conversation. However, I believe its a Japanese saying that the direction that we like was misplaced or misrepresentated>

However, Tatsuya’s magic was invoked before that.

With a slight time lag, around half of 50 soldiers gush out blood from the joint of their right leg.

At the next moment, the blood flows out from the joint of the left leg falls to the ground simultaneously in the same way as before.

Additionally, a narrow hole was drilled at the joint of both arms, and the guard of one platoon completely lost its ability to act.

Just now, Tatsuya decision to stop going easy was the result of reconsidering that eradicating one platoon would still pull a tail.

<TN: Pull a tail: I think it’s either: /leave ill will/leave a conflict.>

If the opponent is a magician, there is a fear of counterattack even if their hands and legs do not move.

However, Tatsuya changes his attitude and will think about it when that time comes.

For caution’s sake, it’s not changing the attitude that I will do it, it’s more to “It’s okay if I kill them at that time”.

To confirm the guards have been neutralized, for the time being, Tatsuya rushes out from the shadow of the building.

Canopus and Shaula follow behind him with a stiff facial expression.

To both of these elite people from stars, Tatsuya fighting power is unsystematic.

Shaula mutters “Javelin… Molecule Divider?”, because Tatsuya’s partial decomposition magic was mistaken for “Molecular Divider Javelin” used by Lieutenant Stars of 4th unit, Zoe Spica.

The results are certainly similar.

Under the sky where the afterglow of the western sky is becoming dim and being ruled by darkness, the four people including Tatsuya rushed to the general-purpose automobile.

Canopus is in the driver’s seat.

Behind him is Shaula and Algol, who has yet to awake.

Tatsuya retrieved some weapons from nearby soldiers and stood beside the assistant driver’s seat.

As Canopus turned his puzzled line of sight to urge in riding, Tatsuya pointed the CAD ‘Trident’ to the armory.

(──Confirm unmanned)

No one is inside.

(──Obtain target material information)

In the case of decomposing small firearms and combat vehicles into parts, it is necessary to obtain the mechanical framework of the target object as information.

The volume of information abnormally expands as the object becomes more complex and larger.

In the case of ‘Regrowth’, both the structure of the object and the composition information of the material are indispensable.

However, in the case of ‘Mist Dispersion’, which decomposes the object to the element level, it can be processed only with the composition information of the material.

The size nor mechanical complexity of the object is unrelated.

In the case of “decomposing” a large-scale object, it is less burdensome for Tatsuya to “decompose” to the chemical element level rather than “decomposing” into parts.

Tatsuya target all weapon that was stored and the armory, where he invokes ‘Mist Dispersion’

The silhouette of the building without a three-story window is blurred, and the next moment, it disappears like an illusion.

Dust dances at the armory site.

Shaula hastily shut the car window as the dust rushes in.

Tatsuya quickly got into the assistant driver’s seat and voice out “Let’s get out of here” to Canopus, who opened his eyes and speechless.

In front of the gates connecting the inside and outside of the prison site, there were as many guards as there were stationed in front of the armory.

However, Tatsuya’s response was different from just now.

What Tatsuya deliberately took out was a hand-grenade taken from a guard in front of the armory.


Ignoring the flustered Canopus, Tatsuya opens the window and extract out the hand hand-grenade pin.

The handling of this type of weapon is almost the same as a hundred years ago.

Hand-grenades toss out with his right hand are magically accelerated and flown into a line of guards.

The enemy’s magician tries to interfere with the grenade’s trajectory, but without no action, Tatsuya ‘decompose’ the magic sequence of “vector reversal” which captures the hand-grenade.

As a general rule in handling magic, it is said that you shouldn’t use multiple magics simultaneously on the same object or phenomenon.

If you violate this principle, in many cases, the necessary phenomenon interference power increases, causing an extra burden on the magician and result in only one type of magic that succeeds.

A result even worse than that, it is to no small degree for all attempted magic ends with a failure.

This principle is strictly abided in a well-trained battlegroup like the regular army.

Even in this case, there is only one magician make a move to stop the grenade from reaching.

That magic is nullified.

Feeling shaken by this unexpected development, the guards tried to repel the grenade with the same magic again.

The first time, it was the limit to follow. (!!!)


<TN: Not sure what this means?>

Even the second “vector reversal” was nullified by Tatsuya, and the hand-grenade approached above the guard’s head.

Moreover, that was not the only one.

Tatsuya took four hand-grenades in front of the armory.

He was tossing it out one after another to the soldier who was determined to make a horizontal line in front of the gate and prevent Tatsuya and the others from escaping by car.

The grenade exploded in succession at the guard’s line, three meters above the sky.

Sharp fragments vigorously poured over the soldier’s heads.

The guard put one arm over his head and crouched down to protect himself from the fragment.

The soldier’s line of sight misses the car where Tatsuya and the others were boarding on.

When they raised their faces to the sound of a loud horn, a small but sturdy general-purpose automobile was approaching.

The guard who had formed a line formation reflexively runs away from the automobile path.

About a quarter of the guards form a horizontal line gathered in front of the gate.

Three over four of the remaining soldiers are pouring down bullets on the automobile.

Although the car that Tatsuya stole is a general-purpose car, it is still a military vehicle equipped with armor.

Around 10% of the bullets hit the mark.

The guard’s shooting is not able to give any damage that would hinder a wheel car driving.

The automobile that Canopus drives passes through the gate where Tatsuya has erased the iron door thus escaping the prison site.

After escaping the Midway Prison site, no vehicles or helicopters were chasing after them.

America military turning a blind eye to intruders and fugitive is unthinkable, perhaps they are in the middle of reorganizing.


Tatsuya instructs Canopus to stop the automobile when the aircar was visible.

He got into the aircar’s driver’s seat, shriek to Canopus and Shaula with the door open.

“Get in”

Both of them didn’t complain and bewildered.

Canopus drags Algol from the rear seat, carry him on his shoulder, and rush over to the aircar.

Shaula gets into the back seat of the aircar and helps the unconscious Algol ride from the inside.

“It’s okay if you don’t close the door”

Nodding to Tatsuya’s attention/advice, Canopus walked around the SUV-like body and sat in the assistant driver’s seat.

Tatsuya’s handling closes all four doors simultaneously.

“What is this? An amphibious vehicle?”

The window was fix fitted as if it was a normal self-propelled car, and Canopus instinctively asked as he looked around the car, where there was an unidentified machine installed in the trunk space.


While answering him, Tatsuya invokes flight magic.

“Its a dual-use of land and air.”

Canopus swallow his breath, and Shaula gave a small scream.

With that as BGM, Tatsuya abruptly launches the aircar.

Curtis is informed that Tatsuya is returning. He is surprised that he could accomplish it with little damage. A report is sent to the Yotsuba Family, that Canopus has been rescued.

◇ ◇ ◇

Raymond, Minoru and the USNA parasites know that Tatsuya has attacked Midway. They want to bomb Tatsuya but that order is rejected. Minoru suggests that Raymond leave, and that he can’t leave Minami behind. Spica shows up and stabs Minoru in the chest. Minoru instantly heals and destroys Spica with the USNA parasites that are with her. He absorbs the parasites after they leave the bodies. Minoru decides to leave with Raymond and leaves Minami behind.

◇ ◇ ◇

The other USNA parasites realize that Spica has been killed.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya is headed towards Minami in the Air Car. He disables the weapon systems of all air crafts and ship on his way. The USNA call his Air Car a UFO.

◇ ◇ ◇

The USNA soldiers are panicking over the UFO and are trying to come up with a solution but all of their weapon systems are disabled.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya lands the Air Car on an aircraft carrier and proceeds to negociate with the crew. However, the parasites attack Tatsuya, so he uses Mist Dispersion to kill them and then uses Astral Dispersion to destroy the parasites.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya speaks to the captain of the aircraft carrier and they come to an agreement that Tatsuya can leave as long as he stops attacking the carrier.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya finds Minami and is surprised that she is alone. He picks her up after asking if she wants to come home. Tatsuya is surprised that Minami is healthy, she doesn’t have a parasite but has recovered from her overheating of the MCA. Tatsuya wonders how this was accomplished.

◇ ◇ ◇

The USNA surveillance was only barely able to capture Tatsuya’s Air Car. However, it was decided that the USNA would not shoot this unidentified vehicle because they didn’t want to risk antagonizing Japan. That decision was headed up by Curtis but it was unknown to the other USNA officials.

◇ ◇ ◇

July 24th.

Miyuki and Lina are waiting for Tatsuya’s return. Miyuki could tell Tatsuya had arrived and ran off leaving Lina behind. Lina caught up to Miyuki and they took transportation towards the airport terminal. Miyuki welcomes both Tatsuya and Minami home. Minami is surprised to be forgiven but breaks down crying with Miyuki holding her. Miyuki smiles but also has tears in her eyes.



In the afterword, Satou mentions the connections from Yokohama Arc and Isolation Arc as far as the Anti-magician movement goes and the effect of magic in the current timeline.

He also had fun naming all the USNA aircraft carriers and planes.

The fight with Minoru isn’t over, he is considered the last boss.

As stated before Satou plans to take a break, and work on STAP so “Future” arc may not be released for awhile.

Little preview of V31 with include the finale with Igor. Not just him but also other SC magicians will be appearing.

Look forward to a world facing the crisis of a WW4, and the first Magic War directly involving Japan. Stay tuned!

[1] Aoba refer Tatsuya as “sonata” instead of “anata”, it’s like “thou” and “you” in English

Doesn’t sound right with the transliterated JP name, that’s for TLtor to decide

Is that transliteration of the “Family/House” word?

Mitsuya Geng has been selected to answer the question, as a result of eye contact.

Gouku wide opened his eyes while his face turned red from such an arrogant reply of Tatsuya

Corrections are welcomed!

Redaction version: c

! {stylization} Lina’s Americanized speech

“disrupted” was in the source, changed to the “demolished”, hinting about Tatsuya’s ability

(without any expression of their faces)

or simply “hospitalized” ?

is the syntax correct?

tooo artificial sentence, en speakers – fix it pls

or ” Tatsuya-San, I want you to protect Honoka” sounds better?

(there’s an ambiguous meaning in the Ru source)

or “I’ll try”

or a heavy smile

or “voice rang out sharply” would be better?

(meanie/pinchpenny , what do you like more)

Added: 09/24/19

Redaction version: a

Still don’t know the exact term from Jp source, there were “[direct tl] under my patronage” in Ru source what doesn’t sound right on En

seems like a British accent, not (Lina’s) an American

the “Right” answer is also in the previous sentence. Isn’t it consider as tautology?

or “replied without thinking”, is the regular expression in the text correct?

are there any japanofiles reading the text to correct this part?

or “has cast a glance”?

!Added 24/9/19

From here and below – the missing part (sorry for this)

maybe the present form of this verb, TLtor to decide!

(the final variant is up to TLtor)


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