Maya going back from restaurant

Soon after Kyouko left, Maya too left that restaurant. She came there just only to talk with Kyouko after all. If Kyouko had left, Maya didn’t have any business more there. Maya rode two-level automobile, headed to VTOL landing pad.

“Madam, I never knew you have planned to scout Fujibayashi-sama.”

In the automobile, Hayama asked that to Maya. That line wasn’t only a question, but also an admonish about unplanned conduct.

“I got the chance after all.”

Maya knew Hayama’s admonish, but she kept her composure.

“I’m sorry, but do you really intend to invite her?”

Hayama slightly surprised, asked that.

“Of course, I’m serious.”

Hayama couldn’t see Maya’s expression since she’s facing front-side, but Maya’s expression when answering that was serious. From her tone, Hayama heard that tone of her answer somehow mixed with evilish scheme.

“Fujibayashi First Liutenant skill, Information gathering and manipulation is problematic skill if we make her as enemy. Especially with Saeki Her Excellency seemed pretty much busy lately.”

“As I overheard the discussion, don’t you have any expectation with her research about Information Network, do you?”

“Of course, I highly expect that too. The overabundance of information from (each) unique Eidos and Idea as its platform… . To explain the Eidos entanglement within Idea which make the information network is the important key to understand the very essence of magic after all.”

“It’s indeed as you said.”

“It’s a hard topic. When we are going to tackle that topic seriously, we won’t have any time to do other thing.”

“And that’s only side project?”


Maya’s word about main intention and side project that swapped each other, not only Hayama, but other too would easy to understand. Maya herself understood it well.

That’s why Hayama didn’t pursue it anymore. If the master already knew she’s lying, and getting the gain result with that, servant didn’t have any right to complain.


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